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my love of The Blade & Soul Revolution

BLOG_POSTED_BY Rsking dom     March 6, 2019    
Here are some simple introductions and links about the game.

The same as with the first game, players will get to Buy BNS Revolution gold select from all the races in the original match: (Gon, Yun, Lyn, and Jin). The courses, however only comprise KungFu Master, Blade Master, Destroyer plus a course that is mysterious. They calling it Machinist perhaps it's something to do with guns. Speaking of guns, the mobile version is also likely to implement a 500 vs 500 PvP clan combat. Kind of like an RPG version of Battle Royale except you select on a side and fight to it instead of fighting yourself.

As the PvE aspect of thing, it doesn't look like anything new will be inserted. If you are big on mobile games, this might be a game you would want to keep your eye. Of course, if you would like to play with the game upon its official launch, you may need to fumble your way through the KR variant. There is no news seeing a version of the game if the KR version turns out 24, but it'll come.

MMORPG getting a version appears to be a trend. What with MapleStory M and also the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, this market seems to be on the upswing. Whether that's a positive rise we will leave that to you to ascertain. But base on the backlash Blizzard obtained after Diablo Immortal's statement, let us just say players aren't too enthusiastic about getting their favourite titles moving mobile.

Netmarble Korea declared that the upcoming smartphone game based on the MMORPG Blade & Soul, Blade & Soul Revolution, will launch in South Korea that this December.The announcement was made during a media event, where they also launched pre-registration for its Korean version.Blade & Soul Revolution has been developed by Cherry Bugs, a subsidiary of Netmarble Korea, with the goal of attracting the charm of Blade and Soul Revolution gold on PC to smartphones via a"reinterpretation."