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NBA 2K20 malfunctions due to NBA suspension

BLOG_POSTED_BY Cadence alida     March 24, 2020    
 "NBA 2K20 is a leading sports simulation, and our goal is to truly reflect the reality of the NBA. Pausing games has had an unexpected impact on the MyLeague Start Today mode. This issue has been resolved. Now users using the" Start Today "mode will be at We will leave the NBA schedule on the 11th to restart the game and participate in the NBA regular season as originally planned. " GameMS reports this news for you, Buy NBA 2K20 MT in GameMS store through this article and enjoy the surprise discount.

We have also seen some NBA teams simulate the season in 2K during the NBA shut down, such as the Phoenix Suns. Coronavirus has spread worldwide, closing the convention and forcing the NBA to suspend basketball matches this season, which has caused serious concern around the world. But it's not just basketball fans who are suffering. Players trying to launch "My League" mode in NBA 2K20 have discovered that lack of real-world games are causing some simulation issues.

The first person to report on Reddit was a user on the NBA2K Reddit board, and photos of the game have been posted since today when trying to do a season simulation. The screenshots they posted show that there will be no more games after March 11, but still try to simulate the game. When someone asked how it worked, another user replied that it didn't work. It just simulates endlessly and then crashes. Meanwhile, on ResetEra, a user named "Soundtrack2chaos" stated that they heard about the suspension and were curious if they used "Start my league today" for simulation. Just like Reddit users, the game keeps emulating until it crashes and displays an error code.

You can compare it to the errors and issues of the sister title WWE 2K20, and similar glitches (interrupting the game in the new year (even further)). However, it seems more often that programmers have no plans at all to let the virus suspend games for the entire season. We have reached out to 2K Games and will provide you with the latest information as we resolve this issue or post a statement.

What do you think of NBA 2k errors? Are you surprised that COV-ID-19 directly affects the game? Let us know in the comments below! GameMS will provide more fun for your game. Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT to help you quickly build your dream team, which is great.