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    • Last updated August 14, 2020
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EA is promising more substantial updates to this year's game

BLOG_POSTED_BY Nanlina CHEN     August 14, 2020    
Additionally, EA is promising more substantial updates to this year's game. Starting with the new playbooks, the Live Playbooks feature from Madden 20 is coming to Madden 21 using a 2.0 version. Like this past year, Live Playbooks are updates to Madden 21 coins this playbooks to reflect what happens in the real NFL, and substantial updates are being promised by EA this past year.

"For Madden NFL 21 we're raising the amount of content we are delivering through Title Updates. "We are already in the process of focusing on brand new playbook content that will bring much more variety and credibility to our playbooks." 1 case that EA supplied is that the New England Patriots signed up the QB Cam Newton. To reflect this, the NFL Live Playbook for your Patriots will variable in Newtown's fast paced and dynamic play fashion, which is quite different from the former QB Tom Brady has been known to play.

"The first change you'll notice is the NFL Live updates from Madden NFL 20 have already been added to all the default team playbooks where related," EA said. "And just like we have done previously, all groups with a brand new head coach or coordinator may possess playbook content that reflects the strategies of those specific coaches, based on research like movie study and coach interviews"

Defensive playbooks are also being updated for Madden NFL 21. In short, players will have more creation and play options, and the general aim was to make them"more unique by focusing on such as the primary formations that each team uses in actual life," EA said. The blog post also covers the various general gameplay adjustments that EA has made this season, including better ball-handoff animations so they become the same speed whichever direction the runner is headed. Block-shedding by defensive players is currently associated with handoff speeds. "These two changes have made more running plays dependable options in the sport, while also bringing equilibrium to overused plays, for example stretch and dip," EA said.

Other subtle changes include a larger variety of stance animations for receivers to depict their physique. EA has also corrected"some problems" with how recipients would run their routes. Run-pass choice plays, which were introduced in Madden NFL 20, are receiving some further refinements for this season's game. For"Peek" performs specifically, the running back will take a more"interior zone trail" to better reflect how the play might unfold in real life. When you're playing against the computer, also EA spoke about a number of cheap Mut 21 coins the improvements. AI-controlled QBs will make better choices studying the defense and finding the open receiver. AI QBs will probably be more intelligent about throwing into the receiver.