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    • Last updated August 21, 2020
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The RuneScape team is nothing if not adaptable

BLOG_POSTED_BY wang rui     August 21, 2020    
What was it like doing so work around the beginning of old school runescape gold the worldwide pandemic? Has that introduced any special hardships? It has certainly been less than ideal. Creating content is an art, and that type of imagination benefits from having ideas to bounce off of. Whilst Zoom is functional, you do not get the same relationship which makes it more tricky to convey ideas. We've definitely hit hiccups in development which are the result of something not translating perfectly would have happened in person.

Add the fact of dealing with change, so forth and on top of responsibilities to family as well as the inevitable stress of a worldwide pandemic, and it ultimately proves a less-than perfect setting for development. However, the RuneScape team is nothing if not adaptable, and I am very proud of how everyone pulled together to make the most of a situation. I'm quite pleased with what we have managed to create Measures.

There's mention of this group expecting to publish content updates. What is the idea behind you're considering pushing this story out, although obviously things are certain to be fluid? Especially as the world is more housebound right now, we believed that waiting for chunks of content to emerge every few months was the wrong strategy. We want to be amused, and checking to RunesScape every month should feel exciting, as gamers seem to find out what has changed frequently. That throws up challenges, as weconstructed a story and ready designs based on another release model, but we have a plan. We need every upgrade to offer a new goal, using a kickass reward off the back of it, and for them all to reflect the narrative that we're progressing.

We're not searching to completely push the story forward: We want absolutely everything, even our events, to feel as though it is building narrative momentum up. How much of a result will Measures have on the world of RuneScape? With ties to Elder Gods, I can't imagine it's a event. Narratively, the scope is really enormous, although that not all will be obvious. The quest sets us up for some events in the narrative season, and revelations have some implications that our'lorehounds' must find interesting. There are a couple reveals in this pursuit I am really excited to go into Runescape. We develop the lore quite a long way beforehand, then try to find ways to get it out there.

Has the player community added anything through feedback on Desperate Times to this content that was projected? What has the enthusiast response been to new content generally? We have tried to construct the quest following as close to what players tell us will be the perfect indicators of a quest that was good. We've included elements which are frequently asked for, and we have tried to keep in mind how we can make the most out of what resources we have. Mainly, we've done this by attempting to simply create the best pursuit we can, and I think that this one should appeal. Fan response to fresh content may vary hugely. Not everyone enjoys every piece of content, and there'll be a number of players to cheap RS gold whom the next quest is the worst nightmare.