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    • Last updated August 25, 2020
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RuneScape Gold

BLOG_POSTED_BY Sunxuemei Sunxuemei     August 25, 2020    

How can you know this? Certainly you shouldn't be so delusional to believe that your armchair knowledge is RS gold superior to Jagex, a company with hundreds of workers who would have considered the possibility of launching on Steam + done a comprehensive cost-profit analysis.This is a company that's gaining record profits while using a dwindling player base (RS3). Being a company doesn't mean you god when it comes to those decisions. Hell, they didn't even contemplate OSRS that was be a huge success, and until gamers started complaining and petitioning about it.

I guess they must not understood how popular it was even though people had been begging for it. Sure, they don't always know. My point is not Jagex is all-knowing and can be counted on to consistently make the proper decisions, that. It's without contemplating the full picture that a great deal of players make suggestions.

RuneScape moving to monthly updates

Of course the majority of the opinions will be"haven't they already done that" but allows actually have a conversation. They are officially changing the anticipation from every Monday having something to it only being a month. Seems as though they are going for the close of the month as a release point for each of their upgrades. They have done this in the past, but its nice to know that updates are coming in the close of the month and they use the month to build hype for that upgrade, sort of like the way they declared Desperate Measures 20 days before its release.

As a whole I think this is a fantastic thing, for both the players and Jagex. We don't have to log into every Monday to understand that there is not something new and instead can focus on the final Monday of this month and from the time it comes around we will know what the update is. In all honesty I believe that they must ramp down their attention on graphical fidelity, OSRS more than anything should be a sign that people mostly care about the mechanisms of RuneScape. I would take visuals in exchange for update schedule that is expedited. I mean only repurpose and reuse a few of the models or animations from RuneScape's past and jery rig some quality articles.

That's simply incorrect, even OSRS is currently looking to bring the remainder of their game up to the graphical fidelity of the latest content. Obviously, even their newest content still looks"old school" but that's the style they want to adhere to. I am all for slowing it down to a monthly release, for RuneScape that's gotten as big as this, that is more than fair. Most other MMOs don't drop big updates OSRS Money monthly, and they DEFINITELY don't drop weekly articles.