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How To Protect Outdoor Furniture During The Winter

BLOG_POSTED_BY inshare rattanset     December 30, 2020    

Wicker products are popular worldwide for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and usefulness. Many of us own beautifully crafted Rattan Corner Sofa , such as chairs and tables, which we proudly display on our patios or decks, and which get plenty of use during the warmer months. But how can we ensure that our priced wicker possessions stay intact and protected during the winter?

Remove and Refresh the Cushions

Most people use decorative cushions on outdoor wicker chairs, sofas and sectionals. They make the furniture more comfortable and decorative but they tend to get dirty after months of outdoor use. Remove the cushions before you clean the outdoor furniture. Vacuum the cushions to suck up surface dirt and dust. Read the tags on your cushions to see if they can be laundered. Wash them separately in warm water and gentle detergent. If the cushions are stained and have a canvas or fabric cover, treat the stained areas before laundering them. Use a gallon of hot water with a half cup of disinfecting cleanser with a soft brush to scrub away mildew and stains. You can also bring the cushions to a dry cleaner.

Covering them for the Long Haul

How well you need to store your wicker furniture really depends on the climate that you live in. Out in San Diego and along some of the Southern regions along the Sun Belt, you can get away with a few patio covers over the winter. This will prevent them from fading in the sun and also keep dirt off of them. If you’re in for a harsh winter, your best bet is to store them inside somewhere. You won’t be using them when the weather is bad, you might as well keep them safe. Proper care will lead to your cushions lasting for years!

Make Sure the Wind Doesn’t Toss them Around

The weather can get pretty violent and high winds can leave your patio furniture scattered across your entire yard. Talk about a backyard renovation! The best way to prevent this from happening is by storing them in a shed or other area where there are protected.

Storing Wicker Furniture

It is best to bring your wicker furniture indoors during the winter. Wicker furniture should be stored in a dry place that is not directly exposed to the sun and cold. Suitable storage areas can include a garage, shed, basement or attic. Wicker furniture is typically lightweight so it is easy to move into a storage space. If you have heavier pieces with wood or metal trim, enlist the assistance of someone else to help you move the furniture. Wicker furniture should still be covered, even when you store it indoors. This protects the furniture against dust, mildew and temperature fluctuations. Never stack the furniture as this can cause it to crack or break during the long winter months.

Bring the furniture inside

If it is possible, bring your furniture inside for the winter. Keeping wicker furniture in an enclosed space for the season will assure that it is truly protected from all of the harsh weather Mother Nature has to offer. Even wicker furniture that has been cared for meticulously and has a protective coating of oil on it can still be damaged if it is left out in the harshest winter temperatures for several months.

Keeping your wicker furniture inside is a sure-fire way to make sure the elements do not damage your outdoor furniture. Wicker furniture can easily be kept in the garage or a storage shed for the off-season. If you do not have either of these structures, consider moving your outdoor furniture inside. It can safely be kept in an extra room if you are not going to use it, or you can bring it into your living space and make it part of your decor.

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