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    • Last updated January 19, 2021
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Top Tibetan cuisine

BLOG_POSTED_BY tu ruiqi     January 19, 2021    

Thousands of people travel to Tibet every year to experience the unique culture and visit some of the highest, most remote areas of the world. However,If you want to experience an authentic Tibetan lifestyle, please don’t just visit some attractions in a hurry. Try to as a Tibetan local, Eat the Tibetan food, drink the butter tea. Do you know, what Tibetan cuisine that you can’t miss when you visit Tibet?
Due to the Tibetan landscape of mountains and plateaus and the difficulty of growing vegetables, and includes influences from neighbors who live in  India and Nepal, In Tibet most important crop is barley. Tibetan cuisine includes culinary traditions that have their own special charm. Among the variety of Tibetan cuisine, noodles, goat, Tibetan yaks, mutton, dumplings, cheese, and soups are the most famous.
1.Tibetan Noodle
Due to the difficulty of growing vegetables, Flour milled from roasted barley, called tsampa, is all the staple food of Tibet. So, Tibetan noodle is the most important food for the Tibetan. It one of the favorite foods of Tibetans. Of which Thukpa back is a common Tibetan noodle soup made with little Shasta noodles.
2.Tibetan Yogurt
Tibetan yak yogurt has a history of thousands of years as an indispensable food and offering to Tibetan people. The biggest festival of Tibet, the Shoton Festival, is named after yogurt. If you are planning a Tibet tour, it is worth a try during your Tibet trip.