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    • Last updated June 3, 2014
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So are you starting your own E-commerce Website?

BLOG_POSTED_BY Ksu Ksu     March 15, 2013    

If the answer is yes then you have many decisions to make.  What kind of platform you would use? Will you use an existing shopping cart or create your own? Who will deliver your goods ? With so many decisions, you hardly have time to traverse through all the information you need know and make the wisest choices for your business.

One of the most pivotal decisions you need to make is to select the right payment gateway partner and in doing so you can’t tend to ignore PayU India, the name on which more than 1000 Indian online businesses put their trust for all payment solutions. But I advise you to take a step back and question why PayU has become a premier choice as a payment gateway partner and how will it help your business grow online?

Let’s plunge into the universe of PayU’s innovation leveraging technology which shall not only abstract your knowledge about Payment gateways but would reveal the reasons as to why PayU is different from other gateways.


Why use PayU :

PayU provides the highest conversion rates by over 12% in case of a single gateway and about 8% in case of multiple gateways being used by a merchant.  In simple terms, conversion rates amounts to successful transaction on the merchant website. These rates are higher because of PayU’s superior technology, its wrapper algorithms, innovative techniques to capture unsuccessful transactions like intelligent retry/recommendation framework, dynamic switching, in depth transaction analytics which gives insights into user behavior and the user’s intent to pay and of course it provides complete transparency into both successful and unsuccessful transactions.

Imagine the impact on your sales turnover; if you integrate PayU with your website. With proven track records in increasing the converts by a significant amount, PayU ensures that customers, who visit your website, make it to the end.


PayU offers a plethora of payment options through credit cards, debit cards, net banking, EMI and IVR (Integrated Voice Response).  It has a tie up with more than 35 nationalised banks which contribute to more than 99% of all net banking related transactions. On top of this, PayU has a classic feature called ‘Dynamic Switching’ which helps in routing the payment intelligently in realtime. For instance if one bank gateway is facing downtime or is unable to process transactions then PayU switches the payment to another available bank gateway in realtime.

Hence, PayU ensures a larger customer traffic on your website as it helps in providing numerous payment methods to your customers and gives them an array of options on the basis of their needs and convenience.


PayU believes in making online buying process super fast and super smooth.  For this purpose, PayU created an awesome feature called 1 click checkout. Through this your customers can make payments in as simple as two steps instead of going through a harrowing process of filling up many pages, link breaks, redirects and third party pages. Additionally, PayU does a variety of things to improve the user interface. The payment page is very modern and collects only those details that are required. The merchant has immense control over the payment page and can even customize its look and feel as per his/her brand guidelines.  PayU even helps its merchants to get PCI DSS compliance easily using its libraries which reduces the work scope by 90% and costs by 80%. This allows the merchant to collect card details on their own website.

In order to make the repetitive purchase a single click job, it gives your customer an option to store the card details in ‘PayU Vault’ which a hardware that encrypts the card details through a key management system. As on date, it is the most secured solution available commercially.

The ‘PayU  buying experience’ makes sure that your customers remain with you, engage in repetitive purchase and hence the customer loyalty is enhanced to a great extent. It simply revolutionizes the payment process and works for customer delight !