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4 Common Types of University Assignments

BLOG_POSTED_BY Emily Moore     May 26, 2021    

At the start of the academic career in university, a student may become anxious about the kind of university assignment one may have to do. You must be aware of the various types of assignments and methodologies to prepare in advance and do not feel daunted by the time-consuming task. Given below are the 4 most common types of assignments a student has to do.

  1. Reflective Journal

In this form of assignment, one has to show his extensive knowledge and comprehension of the given topic or theme of the assignment.

You have to include the practical situations or experiences to draft a relevant reflective journal successfully. The style of writing must be conversational for a reflexive report.

Try to give particular importance to first-person pronouns like I, me, my, our, etc. While portraying your ideas, you must retain the clarity of the assignment and maintain a formal style of writing. In case of any difficulty, you may seek university assignment help.


  1. Literature Review

In a literature review, students seek study help when they have to portray the main ideas of the literature review scrutinize the assignment according to the given topic or present scenario.

Maintain a formal language with greater perspective for drafting a literature review.

According to the context and facts are provided in the source of the document, create a tentative opinion. If you write a literature review for more than one resource, you must provide their resemblance and distinction.

Literature review analyses your strength in assessing the fundamental concepts in the given literature and connecting the facts and ideologies. You must provide a gap in the justification of the hole in the literature review.


  1. Case Study

 Writing case studies is a must for nursing students. In a case study, you have to write about a situation along with its additional questions.

 A thorough investigation of the scenario is needed to answer the questions and showcase your knowledge and depth in critical analysis through it. While solving the answers, use authoritative language and make your answers concise and remove redundancies.

 Follow the format of executive summary and table of contents to draft your case study with numbered headings or take nursing assignment help to do the task. 


  1. Project Report

 There are very few accounting students who claim they have never written an accounting project report. It is a short narration of the project's current status to its investor, based on which they decide whether their project is on track or needs revisions to reach their desired objective.

In this form of writing, a student must mention its achieved goal in the past tense and desired goal in the future tense. It should only consist of factual details, and nothing imaginary should be added or may take accounting homework help for writing.


To conclude, mentioned above are the most common types of assignments a student has to write.