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How to get the Brainfreeze egg in RoBlox Egg Hunt 2020

BLOG_POSTED_BY Edgardo Savcedo     September 15, 2021    

Conor T. P. Woodman (born 21 March 1974) is an Irish author and broadcaster, best referred to as the host of Fraud City and also All Over The World in 80 Trades.

The robox egg hunting is on our doorstep, which means there are dozens of eggs to find in the game. To get the Brainfreeze egg, you will need to play a game called Roder.

At the beginning of the game, you will load in a hall and choose to be a child or an adult. If you choose a child, it's a little easier than being an adult. Jump in one of the moving trucks, then wait for the game to load correctly.

You will start in a house, then go out and you will see a character called Chilly Charlie. He needs help, and you will have to take five pieces of ice. The ice can be found scattered by the house, so click it to pick it up, then bring it to Charlie. Finding five pieces of ice means that the egg portal will open in a few days.

Then you really need to survive the next two days and nights. Look for food in the house and eat it for more energy, then a pizza will be delivered when the game will ask you to sit at the table. Eat pizza, then get ready to watch TV in the living room.

A TV show will tell you that the purge started and criminals invade roblox games. Climb upstairs and jump into the bed, but be ready to run in the room. If criminals are broken down, they will try to hit you, and you have to run and jump to dodge them.

If they hit you, you lose energy, so avoid them as best as you can. When finished, you will need to use planks that you will find on the floor to strengthen the doors and windows for the second night. Strengthen as much as you can, then get ready to undergo another attack. Just pick up the boards, running to a window, click on the board, and then click the window several times to strengthen it.

Now, a pizza will be offered. There are only three slices, so three random players at the table will have one and the energy it will give. Climb upstairs and other criminals will arrive. Survive at night and you can go through the egg portal.

Now there is a fight against a boss, and you have to fight the devil's egg. The first step is to dodge the bombs. The explosions are quite important, so keep a safe distance. The dotted lines will show where the explosions will be, so avoid them.

When they stop, you can run and hit him, and he will lose a heart. Then, platforms will form. Mount the top of the highest platform because the lava is about to flow in the arena. The only safe platforms are the highest, so be sure to be high enough.

When the lava disappeared, enter and hit it once again, then prepare for its last attack. It will turn around the arena, so dodge it until it stops moving, then hit it last time to finish the fight.

When you wear the last shot, you will get your Brainfreeze egg.