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Hasta Nakshatra born characteristics and features

BLOG_POSTED_BY kalai selvan     February 1, 2022    

Hasta 10-00′ to 23-20′ Virgo (Kanya Rasi)

 Names start with: poo, sham, Naa, Taa

 Translation: Hand

 Symbol: A hand (open hand blessing humanity).

Animal symbol: Female buffalo

 Ruling planet: Moon

 Nature: Deva (god-like)

 Presiding deity: Savita – the sun god who imparts creative and transforming energy.


Characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra-born Males


Physical features

The native may be tall and stout. He has a mixed color and short hands. There may be a scar mark below the shoulder or on the upper right hand.



Personality Traits

He is likely to have a calm disposition. His smile is very magnetic and attractive. This gives him an irresistible quality, and people are instinctively drawn to him. The public will be inclined to respect and honor him. He is someone who helps the needy without expecting anything in return. He is not likely to deceive others even if it benefits him. Despite this sterling quality, he is likely to get only criticism and opposition. He does not crave a luxurious lifestyle.


Unlike most other people, his life may see many ups and downs. He may have frequent mood swings. Professionally, too, it may be like a snakes and ladders kind of situation for him. He may rise to the top only to have a steep fall. Thus, good luck and bad luck come unexpectedly. So he will not be permanently poor or rich. When he is on the point of achieving his goals, his luck runs out. And when he tries to reverse the damage, help may come from unexpected quarters. So he may get moderate success in his undertakings. It seems as though there is a secret curse on him. Considering the sincerity and effort he puts into his work, he deserves to get more success.

He will not try to cause problems for others, in general. But if someone hurts him, he will seek revenge. However, after a while, he may leave the matter to God and think that the offender’s karma will take care of retribution. Then he may give up ideas of revenge.


Education, Income, Profession

When it comes to his work, he can be very disciplined. He does not like to do low-level jobs. Such jobs are not suitable for him. Only in rare cases can we find Hasta-born people working in a low-level job. Most of these natives are likely to do business or have a top position in some industry.


These men, even if they have only a basic academic background, may have good all-round knowledge. He will be able to discuss any matter intelligently. He can be a good adviser as can intervene and resolve all kinds of disputes. He may have to shoulder many responsibilities in order to make his way up the ladder of success.


There may be sudden and unexpected changes up to his 30th year of age, both in his family life as well as in his academic, professional, or business field. His golden period could be the period between 30 and 42 years. During this time, he may also settle down in his life. If he lives beyond 64 years, he may amass a lot of wealth and also attain great success in business.


Family life

His marriage life may be idyllic and harmonious, but there may be some friction which is normal for most families. His spouse may be someone who has all the good qualities required of a housewife. It has been seen that sometimes, the wife of a Hasta native is likely to indulge in homosexual activities during her younger days.



He may get severe colds and coughs often. He is prone to a runny nose, asthma, or sinus problems.


Characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra-born Females

They will have the same results that males born in this Nakshatra have. Apart from these, they will also have the following results:


Physical features

She may have very beautiful eyes and ears that are quite different from those born in other Nakshatras. She has a soft and attractive body.


Personality traits

She will be very shy. She may have respect for elders, but she will not be submissive. She likes to express her views openly. She does not fear the consequences of doing so. Hence her relatives may be hostile towards her. If she can be more diplomatic, she may have fewer problems within the family, and she can enjoy her life better.


Education, Income, Profession

These females may not work mainly because they may be born to wealthy parents or their husband may be rich. If she is born in a poor family, they may work in the agricultural or construction fields.


Family life

Her married life may be happy. Her spouse is likely to be wealthy and affectionate. She may derive benefits from her children. Her first child could be a son, and then she may have two daughters.



Her health is likely to be good. But she may suffer from high blood pressure, twisting of veins, and asthma as she grows older.


Male and Female


Positive Traits

They will be creative and pleasant. They may have a good sense of humor and could be skilled in the arts. They are charming, practical, and likely to acquire wealth late in life. They may have many relationships. They are generous, intelligent, friendly, and persuasive. They try to avoid expressing anger by being careful in their speech. They are self-motivated, have good control, and are good at promoting their own interests. They are aware of the importance of social rituals and courtesies. They provide good service. They can be thick-skinned. They will make use of opportunities in foreign lands and new fields. They are hard-working.


Negative Traits

They thrive on competition and conflict. They have a restless nature. They seek spiritual experiences and are changeable. Some may be con artists. They may be emotionally unsettled, unabashed, and mistrustful. They tend to overindulge in pleasures. They can be nasty and indifferent towards those who are of no use to them. They may take drugs and alcohol. They may have some health issues. They can be controlling. 


Suitable Careers

They may do well as artists, painters, and craftsmen. They make good scholars, writers, teachers, salespeople, etc. They will also shine in communications, PR, hospital work, healing, travel industry, conference planning, astrology, and palm reading. They may become advisers, priests, ministers, and counselors. Some may also become thieves and rogues.


Nakshatra Porutham/Compatibility

Hasta Nakshatra is highly compatible with Swati Nakshatra. Hasta represents the female buffalo, while Swati represents the male buffalo. Other compatible nakshatras are RevatiBharani, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarabhadrapada. Krittika and Pushyami Nakshatras are also compatible. 


 Hasta Nakshatra is not compatible with Satabhisha Nakshatra. Ashwini is also incompatible with Hasta Nakshatra. Check Nakshatra Porutham/Compatibility from astropedia