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How to write a comparative essay?

BLOG_POSTED_BY Mae King     Feb 12    

To write a good comparison essay, you must start by choosing two subjects that have enough similarities and differences to compare in a meaningful way, such as two sports teams or two government systems. No. Once you 've done that, you'll need to find at least two or three comparison points and use findings, facts, and well-organized paragraphs to impress and captivate your readers. Writing a comparative essay is an important skill that you will use many times in your student life.

Analyze the question prompts and essays carefully. You may have a great idea for a thesis in your head, but if it doesn't match the prompt exactly, you won't be able to create the product your instructor is looking for. Carefully review the assignment, video lectures, and articles they can be translated into text with Transcriberry (and the rubric, if there is one) and underline the key phrase. Keep these lists handy as you work.

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Many of the comparative essay tasks use words such as "comparison," "contrast," "similarity," and "difference" in the language of the prompt to indicate purpose.

Also, check if there are any restrictions on the topic.


Understand the types of comparative essays you are asked to write. Many students use transcribing software to convert scientific podcasts to text. Some essays may be simple comparison / contrast essays, while others may start with that framework and ask you to develop an evaluation or discussion based on the comparison. In these essays, it is not enough to point out similarities and differences.


If it is expected that the comparison will be incorporated as part of a larger task, the task will usually ask a guiding question. Example: " How two different Renaissance poets approach this idea by selecting and considering a particular idea or theme, such as love, beauty, death, or time ." This sentence is two poets . I'm asking you to compare, but I'm asking how the poet approaches the comparison point . In short, we need to have an evaluative or analytical discussion of these approaches.


If you're not sure what the essay prompt asks you to do, talk to your instructor. It's much better to clarify the question in advance than to realize that the entire essay is written incorrectly.


Lists the similarities and differences between the items you are comparing. Showing the similarities between the two subjects is the essence of the comparative paper, but we also need to be aware of the differences. Differences between subjects should also be examined for effective comparisons, best academic transcription convert any online lesson into text for you. Examining the contrast between subjects can give you valuable insights into how they relate to each other.


The best place to get started is to write a list of commonalities and differences between the items you are comparing.



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