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Buy Room 920 Grape Shroom Jellies

BLOG_POSTED_BY jack cook     February 16, 2022    

Grape Mushroom Jelly by Room 920, is a great way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. These edibles are made using Golden Teacher Mushrooms for their reliable trip with uplifting effects. Room 920 lab tests and creates all of their products in Canada. Grape mushroom jelly is a delicious gummy with the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. This product contains more than 40mg of PREMIUM Golden Teacher strain mushrooms per pack. Room 920 psilocybin edibles are subjected to strict quality controls and tests for purity, content, and strength. They are produced in an environment that adheres to GMP standards. Each package contains 2 JELLY squares ready to be enjoyed! This potent edible gives users the reassurance of a lab-tested trip each and every time. Items are usually shipped within 48 hours of ordering, but please be mindful that due to COVID times shipping may take longer than usual.

This product is shipped fresh in discreet packaging. All products are double-lab tested for quality assurance before shipping. Grape Mushroom Jelly by Room 920. These shroom edibles are made with Golden Teacher Mushrooms, which provide a consistent trip with uplifting effects. Grape Mushroom Jelly by Room 920 is a great way to enjoy the benefits of mushrooms. Enjoy these shroom edibles that are made with premium Golden Teacher mushrooms.Grape and Mushrooms might not seem like an obvious combination but come on a psychedelic journey with these Room 920 Mushroom Jellies. This pack of 4 individually wrapped jellies packs a punch with 5 mg of psilocybin in each piece. Made using the Golden Teacher mushroom strain, these shroom edibles are sure to take you on an uplifting trip. Tested by a lab in Canada and made using only high-quality ingredients, these mushroom edibles are perfect for psychonauts looking to consume their magic mushrooms in a more convenient form!

Our Grape Mushroom Jelly is the perfect way to enjoy the magical effects of mushrooms without the taste. Each pack has 2 gummies dosed at 100 mg each of psilocybin, meaning you can adjust your dose easily by saving half for later. These delicious edibles are filled with powerful Golden Teacher mushrooms, lab tested and made in Canada for quality assurance.