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    • Last updated March 18, 2022
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Raunchy sex doll

BLOG_POSTED_BY KevinMille KevinMille     March 18, 2022    


A curious girl desperately tries anal lifelike sex dolls after feeling ostracized by her peers. Her step-by-step experience is documented for us, and we can enjoy every moment of her exploring the anal world and discovering that she didn't have the desire to wait that long to try it.

Mature Woman Dolls

a robot sex dolls couple

We met the same couple robot sex dolls in Part 1, this time learning more about their breeding problem and how they are still exploring it after discovering that they successfully bred in the first story. This submission is hot and makes you just want to fill or fill with lots of warm cum.

Meeting a couple on vacation, the lone ranger can enjoy the couple one night, which surprises him. He had the best time, a moment he simply cannot forget, and luckily for us, we were able to revel in his retelling of what happened that night.

Young Doll

walking with flat chested a cup sex doll

The story is the stuff of fantasy, but for this man, it's reality. He finds himself seduced and fucked by a beautiful MILF, but not just any MILF, in fact, it's his best friend's mom who is still married and still part of a big family. what does he do?

Mike graces us with one of the hottest stories I've ever read a cup sex doll . While on a business trip to Japan, he meets an incredible lady who shows him the time of his life during his short vacation. It's intense, raunchy, and makes you want to hop on a flight to Japan just to find this sensational woman.