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What realistic sex dolls will bring to mankind

BLOG_POSTED_BY KevinMille KevinMille     Mar 28    

Of course, realistic sex dolls can bring comfort to single men and women, and create more happiness for their partners, but for the sex toys industry, how much do you know, in fact, I don’t understand it, so let’s take a look at a great god What the characters say!

USA Silicone Sex Doll Logan

As a anime sex dolls practitioner, my opinion

I have always believed that the taste of life cannot be used with "sex", but the expression of the taste of life in "sex". If you want to enter the sex industry, first learn to distinguish between sex and pornography. Although many people in the industry think they are doing sex, in fact they are doing pornography. As a wild sex toy tester who has been involved in the sex industry for five years, and the current marketing director of a sex social Internet company, as far as the sex industry is concerned, I want to answer this question very, very unobjectively.

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You make it, foreigners are good at playing it, airplane cups are filled with wine, electric hip climbing ladders, sex toys can also cross-border art exhibitions (the scale of the pictures is too big, the mosaics are not available, so I will not put them), and will design some spoofs. Sex toys are for you to use in spoofs, such as the well-known Jiebao lipsticks, JJ straws, ice trays (see the picture below), and design hobby toys for the disabled (also the conscience of the industry).

So what do you think about these "anime sex dolls" friends abroad?

From a product perspective

Anime TPE Sex Dolls Rosalie

Chinese black sex dolls stand shoulder to shoulder with the world

I am not ashamed to say that domestic sex toy production technology is absolutely no less than that of any foreign country. Shenzhen just picks a well-known sex toy manufacturer, they have done processing for foreign products, and use the original materials. In terms of manufacturing technology, the international level is not a problem at all, but this is really the same.

   Domestic products, I was surprised to choose the ugliest among a bunch of shapes, and the ugliest among a bunch of colors. The ugly ones are very imaginative, and I just developed my mind-it turns out that black sex doll can be so ugly.

No matter how ugly foreign products are, they can’t go there, because they lack a string in their minds to make ugly, and they can’t make any weird designs. There are really handsome messes, and I really haven’t seen the ugly ones. pass.

   Every year the adult exhibition is a grand event in the industry, but this year's adult exhibition is particularly strict, basically not allowing models to be invited, and many brands are not participating in the event.

   It’s hard for the exhibitors to get the pass before they can go in and take a look, and just throw some photos taken at the adult exhibition. We will talk about product issues later.

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