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Are the latest unique drop rates capture the spirit of OSRS effectively?

BLOG_POSTED_BY Breeze spring     March 30, 2022    
Most of the new bosses don't have arbitrary time-sinks before you can take on RS Gold the boss. For DKs you need to go to the island, require either a partner or rune thrown axe+pet rock to run across the tunnel ages. For GWD you need to get there, get your stats drained (the fire is fairly new) as well as the required kill count (eccu keys were not available) and so on. Therefore, it's possible that the kill times of each KC were shorter, but you could include the preparation to those fights.

For Kraken, Zulrah, CG There is much more "good part" which is actually the boss/content and less of the "boring part".

This is a really good idea. Personally, I'm not a fan of long trips to distant bosses. Especially DKs and nightmares. But I find that the current drop rates are more lengthy as compared to the position of older bosses. I don't mean to dismiss your idea completely There is certainly something about these long drives that act as a deterrent for farmers the boss.

It's got me thinking, maybe these travel times are part of the old school spirit. I love the "good part" exactly like everyone else, but I still tend to get bored with my bosses when I'm on those long dry streaks.

I'm a person who's got 525kc in nightmare (probably 200 in five men and at a minimum 20 solo) and a jar of dreams to prove it, I have to say that the small quest requirements for older bosses pale in comparison to the days of playing without drops. I've probably invested between 80-100m in equipment while playing nightmare. My most expensive drop was about 450k.

I have an end game iron and know a lot of other irons that end game, and I will declare that nothing has made people demon, made people quit, and caused people to dislike playing this sport more strongly than nightmare or nex. The bosses are basic boring, boring, and easy to master, but they come with the drop rate which you'd expect from engaging, intense content like cox or tob. Either Jagex has completely lost its sense of humor or they've decided their main target audience should be Venezuelan gold producers.

Corp is not the best, but corp doesn't feel as bad due to the fact that the drops aren't nearly as important. Also, the boss has 0 supplies, and it's completely comfortable. You can do 12-15 corp kills at night in a relaxed position, eating, and watching a movie. Nex and nightmares are like the actual endgame content, but they're also super fast and easy to kill, which means they'll get worn out faster. I would be willing to runescape gold site sacrifice nearly anything in-game if it meant nex was never released.