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What is the top MyTEAM NBA 2K22 Player Card?

BLOG_POSTED_BY Nfkja sfas     Apr 12    
Shooting has gone through many changes for NBA 2K22. There's a new shot meter with a dynamically resizing make window NBA 2K22 MT. This window expands for high-quality pictures by shooting with good shooters. However, it will narrow when it's being heavily contested shooting with a weak shooter, or tired.

The primary focus for the success of shooting this season is Shot Insight. Teams that are focused on open-looking shots and use smart shots are going to see greater success than teams who force bad shots. We've conducted extensive focus-group testing of the new shooting mechanics with players of all skill levels . We believe that this is the best that shooting has seen in NBA 2K.

We've improved the blocking system to make it more efficient in the NBA 2K22 game and are giving rim protectors additional tools to create great stop at the rim. To top it off on PS5 we've added time meters to alley-oop as well as dangerous skill dunks.

When an alley-oop attempt is on the ground, the player will have to press the Shot Button exactly at the correct time to finish off the jump. And on the dunking side, holding Sprint and pulling straight down onto the Pro Stick will trigger the dangerous skills dunks.

With NBA 2K21, we debuted a brand-new player builder on PS5 which let you create your attribute caps however you wanted. We've made several adjustments to the system in the past year, including dramatically increasing the amount of badge points at your disposal. Also, we've made it easier to recognize all badges available Buy 2K MT, their cost at each tier, and the attribute thresholds required to reach the appropriate level.