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Designer Custom Phone Case Specs

BLOG_POSTED_BY sally belita     May 6, 2022    

Until now, the telephone section has a telephone casing designed for the iPhone and Samsung models available in the US and Europe: whether more models are added will depend on the popularity of cellphones and customer demand.

The telephone part offers a thin, lightweight, and made of the thermoplastic Polyuretan (TPU) and polycarbonate (PC). We also offer Snazzy liquid glitter telephone casing made from 100% TPU and filled with a Quicksand of the Heart of the Luster Filling Gold, Pink, or Silver. They do not cover the screen, but they will protect the back of the custom phone case from scratches. They are one-piece solid plastic construction, and holes and button in harmony with mobile features. These cases can not stand shocks. So, while they can protect your cellphone from some light wear, do not rely on it so that it cannot be destroyed or to prevent serious damage. They are meant mostly for aesthetic purposes.

How is the Case printed?

The first step for each telephone case order is to approve the graph - If the graph matches our guidelines, the order is sent to be printed. Before printing, the operator is trained to make sure the printer does not have fiber or dust. The white underbase and the top layer are then printed together using UV printing technology. After the kasing is finished, they are packaged in a soft mailer of poly bubbles and sent out. UV printing basically dries ink through photochemical reactions. High intensity ultraviolet lamps are used to cure ink, rotate it from the liquid to solid. UV printing is usually used to print on materials such as plastic, wood, and metal.

Utilize transparent colors

Contrary to several other telephone section products, we can print semi-transparent colors on telephone cash. However, there are some additional considerations to remember if you choose a transparent color.

1. Avoid printing elements that have opaque and transparent elements

This is because the solid color contrast (printed with a white underbase) and transparent color (without white underbase) is very striking. In some cases the end result may look like there is a gap in your design cheap wireless phone chargers and the color is not printed properly. This is mainly seen in a white tone and lighter, so very careful with these colors. The best thing to do is order samples to test how your graphics change.

2. Remember that the transparent color is not opaque

When editing transparent colors in Photoshop, it will refer to "Opacity." Transparency and opacity are the opposite of each other - 100% transparent is 0% blurry and vice versa. If you have a graph and you want a 25% transparency, Photoshop will appear as 75% opacity.

3. If you are not sure - order samples

As usual, we recommend ordering samples to ensure Kasing out as you imagine. You always want to see the sample of your product before putting it on the market.

Background and transparent side

You don't need to fill the entire space with your design. The empty space in your print file will be clear and you will be able to see the phone via Kasing. If you want to make a graph where the parts of the kasing are clear, then remember the telephone logo, color, and text placement. You will be able to see it, so that smartphone replacement parts it can affect the appearance of your design. The graphics do not wrap the entire kasing, so the sides will also be seen. This is good because it gives you a little from the two worlds - you can display extraordinary designs, but you also do not fully cover the mobile design.