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How to Design a Custom Phone Case

BLOG_POSTED_BY sally belita     May 6, 2022    

Did you know that the telephone offers a special telephone casing? This means you can add Kasing to the latest iPhone and Samsung models to your store (or print just once!).

Posting this blog discusses why you should consider adding a telephone casing to your store, and that explains how to design your own special telephone cashing. This also includes details about the custom phone case themselves and how they are printed.

Popular smartphone accessories

When the sale of smart phones grows and new smartphone replacement parts innovations come to the market, sales of telephone cases will also grow. And according to a survey conducted by Statista in 2017, 79% of smartphone owners have cases for their cellphones.

A similar survey by NPD found that there were 5 main groups of people who bought telephone cases:

Durable Protection
- These people are looking for a solid and quality case that will protect their cellphones
Fashion and Style
- This group of people put the most important in the aesthetics of this case
Practical Fashion
- This group also cares about the aesthetics of this case, but they are more sensitive to costs
Basic Protection
- This group is the most selective; They want a functional casing to protect their cellphones, but they are not too select
Technology fans
- these people are intelligent and are generally enthusiastic about all technology

Telephone Kasing is a popular thing that must be possessed by many smartphone owners. Motivation to buy cases is very different - some people emphasize practicality and protection, while wholesale usb wall chargers others are more interested in cases that represent their personal style.

More high fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton are investigating telephone case designs, positioning telephone cases as not only practical technology accessories, but also fashion statements. With a kasing, your cellphone can be easily adjusted and used to express your personality.

Through the telephone section, you can enter the phone case market and create a telephone cash with your own design.