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    • Last updated May 6, 2022
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Best bath toys for babies and toddlers 2022

BLOG_POSTED_BY sally belita     May 6, 2022    
Bathing time is the right part of that day to bind with babies and toddlers. Not only will it make them clean and ready to sleep, but can also provide opportunities to improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual tracking-all when you try to wash your hair without too much drama.

For babies, water offers them a multi-sensory experience where-if it is safely secured in chairs or bathtubs-they can explore water temperatures, bubble sensations and causes and splash effects. This is also the right time to introduce colors and count with toddlers and recite their favorite nursery poems.

So, which baby and toddler outdoor toys for kids are the best? From classic rubber ducks to safe crayons, bubble makers, and sorting shapes, there are large variations in the market. But not all created the same - and it is important you choose the right toy for your child's age and development stage. We have tested various kinds of bathing toys, assessing each of them for their quality, safety, price and cleanliness, and their ability to entertain without stimulating children before going to bed.

How much do I have to spend?

Because baby bath toys are not electricity, you don't need to spend too much money to find good quality products. Prices for classic rubber ducks starting from only a few pounds, with more interactive toys worth around £ 20.

How do I know if a bath toy is safe?

When buying baby and toddler toys, it is always important to find flying spinner ball accreditation such as CE symbols, Ukca signs and btha lion signs. This determines that toys are safe for the specified age range and have been strictly tested.

It is also important to buy a bath toy from an accredited seller than a third party. Why? Research conducted by BTHA tests the security of 300 toys purchased from a large online platform. 67% from third party sellers failed to meet British basic safety requirements such as toy safety instructions. Toys purchased through third-party sellers can also be misinterpreted with the wrong age guidance, which can make children younger at risk for smaller choking parts.

The best way to avoid such problems is to buy through leading retailers and check toys thoroughly as soon as they arrive. Finally, if you have a toddler crawling octopus shower toys and a baby in the bathroom at the same time, make sure all toys in the water according to the baby, because the baby will likely want to put everything in their mouths.

What toys are suitable for babies?

Since birth, the sensation of water alone tends to be enough stimulation for your baby. However, once they can sit in a bathing chair or support, they will enjoy taking colorful cups, ducks, boats, and other toys. Every toy that you offer to them is likely to be straight in their mouths, so make sure the bath toys are older than reach, and there are no smaller parts that can cause choking danger.

What toys are suitable for toddlers and pre-school?

Toddlers and pre-school like interactive toys and anything that increases the game pretending. Forms of sorting, toys with gears and handles, bathing crayons and various kinds of airplane launcher toys rubber animals or characters all down well, and also a good way to introduce calculation and stems during bathing time. Bucket with different sized holes is also great in keeping children from all ages entertained.

How to keep a clean bath toy?

Because bathing toys sit in water, they tend to be moldy if they are not stored and cleaned properly. You can avoid this by drying it with a towel after use before storing it in a clean box or container where they have space to dry. Many people also keep their bath toys clean by running it through a dishwasher or steriliser every few weeks. You can also soak it overnight in a runny water solution and vinegar.