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RPGStash D2R Guide - Act 3 Spider Monster Tomb

BLOG_POSTED_BY Riva Tom     May 26, 2022    

With the release of the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 patch, the Act 3 Spider Monster Tomb has also changed. Spider Monster Tomb is a level 85 area farm area that contains spiders, maggots, bats and a golden treasure chest. Monsters here can drop all unique and set items, as well as valuable high-level D2R Runes, which also makes the spider monster tomb a complete "Holy Grail"

Why farm spider tombs?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monster Crypt - If you're looking for rare loot like this reaper's tribute mercenary weapon, the Act 3 Spider Monster Crypt is the way to go. Targeted hunting for unique and champion packs can give you a ton of magic or higher-quality items.

How to find the spider monster tomb?

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 3 Spider Monster Crypt - The entrance to the cave is located near the Spider Forest waypoint, conveniently close to the Spider Forest waypoint, the entrance is surrounded and covered by spider webs. This position makes them very accessible, even for characters with limited mobility.

Items dropped from the Spider Tomb on Hell difficulty are:


Eschuta's temper
Reaper's tribute
death net


Andariel's countenance
griffin eye
harlequin crown
Crown of the Aeons
Nightwing's Veil


Dracul's grip
war traveler
Spider Monster Web
storm shield
Verdungo's Heart Band


Wrath of the High Prince
Mara's kaleidoscope


Tal Rasha's Husks
Trang-Oul's avatar
Immortal King

Ordinary monsters can also drop items for high-level runes, such as Monarch Shields from "Spirit" or Giant Thrashers from "Infinity".

Since the Spider Tombs have an area level of 85 and mlvl of 88, this makes them ideal for farming at Lv 90 to gain experience. The minimum equipment requirements to farm safely and efficiently here are very low for a building that is especially suitable for this dungeon. Farms usually start here at level 75 and quickly reach 85+.

Golden Chest

After each run of the Spider Monster Tomb, players will wait for the golden treasure chest to appear, which is located at a random location in the dungeon. This chest can contain a lot of magic, rare, set, or unique items. A Golden Chest can even contain multiple sets or unique items.

Most drop patterns for Golden Chests are not affected by the amount of Magic Find on a character! Lower mana discovery builds can also benefit from drops. The more players, the more drops!

Both juicy unique and set items can be found here, and adjusting the "higher chance of getting magic items" stat will increase your chances of finding them. Also, for quick access to more unique items, players can follow RPGStash, the safest and fastest way to Buy D2R Runewords online at