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    • Last updated June 23, 2022
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ultrasonic spray nozzle

BLOG_POSTED_BY Billy Billy     June 23, 2022    
In the actual production of the ultrasonic welding process, not all ultrasonic spray nozzle of the plastic material can use ultrasonic plastic welding machine for welding. Ultrasonic welding of plastic belongs to thermoplastic. Only when the same or similar molecular structure, can make ultrasonic welding. In the welding surface, chemical combination between molecules, so the closer the parent metal. Ultrasonic welding effect is better. Today, we will analyze and explain some of the common plastic welding compatibility, as shown below:
To date, most commonly used polymer injection molding by ultrasonic welding, but the difficulty of the ultrasonic plastic welder welding plastic is associated with many characteristics of welding itself. Plastic, the greater the friction coefficient of thermal conductivity, the melting layer forms the interface, the better the performance of ultrasonic welding, the more hard plastic. In flat welding, the vibration transmission loss is small, the ultrasonic welding. Crystallizable because from solid to melt the plastic state, temperature range is very narrow, very fast, so welding machine may performance is poor, is very difficult to adjust.
In the process of riveting and welding, soft plastic plug welding, ultrasonic handheld welder its easier than hard function plastic ultrasonic welding function. At present, all kinds of plastic products emerge in endlessly. This paper briefly introduces the several kinds of commonly used plastic ultrasonic plastic welding function.
(1) PCPSU: material high melting point, hygroscopicity strong, should be dried before welding, or moisture in the material will hinder the welding strength, moisture will make welding energy consumption increases, welding time extended.
(2) the melt polyvinyl chloride (PVC) : it is a kind of low melting point, soft material, ultrasonic energy loss. On the surface of the welding process, welding is easy to burn.
(3) abs, hips. Pmma. Mppo: steel of amorphous materials, conductive ultrasonic frequency of 20000 hz, especially suitable for ultrasonic welding, regardless of distance or close welding can achieve good effect;
(4) welding plastic PP, PE: belong to crystalline materials. Ultrasonic nano dispersion Ultrasonic will produce large loss in the process of transmission, it is difficult to remote welding.
(5) welding plastic PA: crystalline is strong, strong moisture absorption. Should be dried before welding.
In order to obtain better welding effect, also need to consider factors that affect welding quality. During the welding process, pressure, time and heat absorption (melting) is three factors to ensure the quality of welding.