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smart board interactive whiteboard

BLOG_POSTED_BY Victoria Victoria     Jun 23    
Smart board interactive whiteboards good collision of the smart board interactive whiteboard hardware and software, high quality hard shell material, toughened glass screen protection, guarantee of good external hardware, let ordinary hit the machine useless, all-in-one software might also be reckoned with, designed with teaching software for the teaching, training and learn easier.
Imported aluminum alloy, light quality, low density, high light, original toughened glass, explosion-proof, high temperature resistant, multiple interfaces, unique design, customization, all steel cabinet put oneself in another's position, metal paint, Japan advanced cold plate. To fully support multiple operating systems, let your colleagues have a touch computer, collected a variety of functions at a suit, watching movies, play games, surf the web, can very good use enterprise unit, used to open the meeting, training, brainstorming is a good choice, teaching training, also is a cinch.
Smart board interactive whiteboards multiple sizes all can smart interactive whiteboard choose, from 55 to 98 inches, cater to each big user, each big place, according to their own needs and customize the touch of corresponding teaching machine close to the traditional white board design, writing the nature, using infrared touch, support multi touch at the same time, the positioning accuracy, stable and high speed, according to the drawing in agile. Display each machine using advanced spectral radiation design separate color calibration, to meet the world recognized color calibration, combined with stereo sound lets users place oneself in the screen.
All-in-one multimedia touch all-in-one PC (meeting) can smart board whiteboard be used for meeting, business training and advertising, product or exhibition, demonstration of the project, replacing the traditional projector, electronic whiteboard, can demonstrate and annotations, writing, preserve, and make the network file.
Can fully demonstrate speech interactive digital whiteboard charm the participants focused on meeting to discuss, show the spark follow one's inclinationsly, discharge the suffering of transcribing finishing inspiration even lost, electronic board for classroom complete accurately record the discussion process, comprehensive promotion conference. Automatic recording documents can be formed after the standard file distribution, avoid the understanding deviation, improve the effect of business discussion, product demonstration meeting.