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facial recognition thermometer

BLOG_POSTED_BY Long Long     Jun 23    
If in the digital age, the single screen system cannot meet the market demand, combined with the intelligent guide depending on the system software and customized information publishing system can serve all walks of life. In recent years the rapid rise of the digital display digital signage industry, with its dazzle colour clever real-time information spread by media and even the public recognition, but if just rely on the hardware side, can really get industry development? Of course, the answer is no.
With the significant development of digital signage industry, intelligent facial recognition thermometer guide depending on the application of the system is also increasingly widely. Right now, the intelligent guide system has been widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobby, restaurants, cinemas and other public places, which is full of people through the large screen display equipment, commercial, financial and entertainment information, providing guides, query, navigation, etc. After years of market cultivation, the intelligent guide system market has begun to take shape, and market development potential is immense.
Intelligent guide system make the digital signage industry once again
Display device is in the midst of the whole digital signage software occupies very important position. In addition, these display manufacturer with strong financial strength, they have a better development conditions, at the same time they also have a solid channel system, with digital signage market seems to be a natural thing to do.
Through the use of market intelligence advertising system, not only face detection android can real-time monitor the market situation, release all kinds of information, but also can reduce the labor cost of businesses, market intelligence advertising system can display dynamic of some new products, let customers browse to the latest product information, promote the product marketing, so now is more and more businesses begin to use market intelligence advertising system. Say to the intelligent guide system, we also have to mention the two notable features. Intelligent guide the user in the deployment to the system, can according to their own requirements, timely face recognition identification update the content of the digital information at any time and management; Robustness and durability is also another big characteristic of digital signage, whether it's hot, or thunderstorms, digital signage can work normally in outdoor public area. This is not generally display system can match, they are for the majority of consumers to bring abundant information at the same time, will also bring digital users more additional value.
All kinds of retailers certainly don't want to limit your brand and product in one corner. If you want to gain greater success, you have to progress, and is never stagnant intelligent advertising system can perfectly meet the requirements of digital subscriber. With the intelligent guide system functionality and more flexible, the general business users growing Numbers also will be able to meet the demand. Intelligent advertising system for digital marketing environment for real-time control, the user can use intelligent advertising system makes its own development more quickly.