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Calacatta Nano Glass

BLOG_POSTED_BY Johnson Johnson     Jun 23    
The stone crystal face processing is one of the marble Z ideal curing method. It did not change the structure of a rocky, so don't change the texture of the original stone. And after crystal handle, end molecules more dense, burnish brightness increased significantly, the end is more bright beautiful, more noble. Stone wax can let the brightness of colour and lustre of material of stone, stone wax is a kind of water-soluble material, use it will be a protective film on the top of the product production, in this way, one can improve the brightness of stone, but it is the protection of stone effect is limited, poor Artificial Marble Slabs weather resistance, antifouling effect is not ideal, and easy to brighter with dust.
Nowadays we also found that the wax will also do some harm to stone, because it is as an airtight seal protection material apply in stone material surface, stone pores were closed behind and internal moisture to not to come out, after accumulated inside the stone the stone lesions occur long period of time. Marble polishing grinding block is stone before aren't care of a process or stone plate processing Z after a program. Z is now stone care one of the important technological process, it is different from the traditional sense of marble cleaning waxing polishing cleaning company business scope.
The essential difference
1. The marble polishing grinding block is a prelude to a stone Calacatta Nano Glass crystal face processing necessary for a process or stone processing. Its main principle is to use the materials such as inorganic acid, metal oxide synthesis of suppression of mechanical mill grinding block matching pressure, high speed grinding force, friction heat, the effect of water on the surface of the marble that is smooth on physical and chemical combination, forming a new shining crystal layer. This crystal layer is super bright, clear luminosity. Luminosity of up to 90-100 degrees. The crystal
Layer is the stone material surface layer (1-2 mm thick) modified Porcelain Marble Slabs compound crystal layer.
2. Marble cleaning is a prelude to the marble waxing polishing, waxing polishing marble cleaning is belong to 80 - is more popular in the early 90 s the marble cleaning and maintenance of protective measures, has been losing market and the meaning of existence. It is the nature of the new shop stone (polishing plate) floor covered with a kind of acrylic resin and emulsion polymer thin coating, is we often say water wax or floor wax. After polishing machine with high speed, low pressure fiber mat in stone material surface friction, making a process of resin coating is more bright. Due to product updates, and later appeared, such as wax, wax free throw light, the varnish coating is similar to wood oil.
3. The marble aren't care the grinding block in front of the Granite Slab Supplier polishing process is physical and combination of natural stone material surface and chemical process. Stone material surface and the bottom completely combined into a whole, there is no from the layer.
4. Above the marble waxing polishing wax layer is attached to the stone material surface, a layer of resin film, there is no chemical reaction with stone material itself. The wax film available blade with a shovel, wax membrane can be cut in stone material surface.