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Grey Marble Slab

BLOG_POSTED_BY Johnson Johnson     Jun 23    
In the natural granite and marble construction standard appearance Pietra Gray Marble quality index, with a plate of tonal pattern should be the basic harmonic, in classy article does not allow to have the appearance of defects.
For defect detection methods, sheet will be flat on the ground, from 1.5 meters of plate visible defects as flawed; Distance of 1.5 meters of plate is not obvious, but in 1 meters visible defects as no obvious defects; From the plate 1 m invisible defects as zero defect. Due to the chromatism of natural stone material problems are widespread, so the user after the selected stone plate Z to choose good agreement, so more when bulk order. Agreement to try a bigger plate to fully display the variety of tonal pattern. Agreement board should make relevant parties each holding a piece of at the same time, in order to uniform standard, avoid unnecessary disputes.
Marble test standard
This standard applies to natural marble plank used in construction, Grey Marble Slab other USES natural marble plank can also refer to use.
(a) product categories: (1) according to the shape is divided into the following)
1 plate
2 arc plate - the radius of curvature of the profile of decorative surface everywhere the same act the role of face plate.
1: normal version according to the size deviation, the Carrara Marble Slab flatness tolerance, Angle tolerance and appearance quality will board A classy article (A), grade A nonconforming product (B), (C) three levels.
2: circular plate according to the size deviation, the straightness tolerance, line profile tolerance and appearance quality of plate can be divided into classy article, grade a (a) (B), (C) three levels.
3, the tag
Mark order: block origin place names, decorative Nero Marquina Marble Slab pattern is tonal character description, marble. Serial number, category, size, grade, standard number.