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Marble Granite Price

BLOG_POSTED_BY Johnson Johnson     Jun 23    
Marble has a beautiful color, decorative pattern, have higher Marble Granite Price compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, resources are widely distributed, easy processing, with the development of economy, marble plank mass into the adornment of the family. Application scope expands unceasingly, the dosage is more and more big, plays an important role in people's life.
For processed products facing marble stone material, the quality can be identified from the following four aspects:
A view, namely macroscopic observation of stone material surface structure. In general, the stone material of uniform fine structure has exquisite texture, is the best of stone; Coarse grain and differ the stone material of a structure its exterior effect is poorer. In addition, the stone material due to the influence of geological processes in which often produce some small crack, stone Z along only at these sites, should be paid attention to. For lack of edges and corners are affect beautiful, especially when the choice should be paid attention to.
Two quantity, namely the stone size specifications, lest affect splicing, after mosaics pattern, decorative pattern, line or cause deformation, affect adornment effect.
Sounds of stone material knock three, namely. In general, good White Marble Slabs quality stone the knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear; On the contrary, if the stone within slight fracture or become loose contact between particles, as a result of weathering, tapping rough.
Four test, which is a simple test method to check the quality of stone. Usually at the back of the stone drops on a small grain of ink, such as ink one soon, namely that exist within the stone loose particles or aperture, stone material quality is bad. Conversely, if ink drips to be not moved in place, explain stone material quality of a material is good.
Warm tip:
Stone radioactive certificate, please ask dealers to when you Marble Projects are buying. No card don't buy, should pay attention to at the same time, domestic outfit should choose is A kind of product.
In marble and granite choice, should first consider the marble, under normal circumstances, more radioactive than granite marble of radioactive.
In general, stone considerations should be black, gray, red, green, red meat, from the point of radioactive, from high to low, in the order: red white pale red > > > > > green meat black, is basically the sorting.
Of stone material selection is the important level of White Marble Mosaic green home outfit, is a kind of recessive pollution, radioactive pollution no instrument testing we are unable to perceive, from another Angle for more damaging than formaldehyde, benzene, therefore must be taken seriously when decorate.