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Stone Honeycomb Panel

BLOG_POSTED_BY Johnson Johnson     Jun 23    
Outdoor marble veneer perennial subjected to frost, snow and Slate Wall Panel frozen, with growing with time, experience of freeze-thaw cycles on the rise, easily to marble veneer cracking. Poor because of marble stone, color lines, or with improper, metope space up and down less, often affected by a variety of external force, in the covert of the color blind stitch or other injury and produce irregular cracks, usually the main cause of crack are the following:
(1) in addition to the marble color lines, dark or other hidden defects such as cut wide open slot and improper damage, under structure after sedimentation compression deformation force, due to stress concentration, external force more than one piece of wood the strength of the weak, will result in the crack of the marble metope.
(2) installed in the metope of marble or close to the kitchen, toilet bath high humidity of the room, such as rough, when installation plate seam grouting is lax, the erosion of gas and air into the plate seam, make the embedded iron pieces such as corrosion, expansion, Dali is an outward thrust and cracks.
(3) the Dali is installed on the walls, cylinder, upper and Stone Honeycomb Panel lower crack less to stay, when compression deformation make marble facing vertical pressure, also can produce cracks.
According to the main reason for cracks, should adopt the following methods:
(1) on the wall, such as cylinder bearing structure installing a marble veneer, should stay structure settlement after determining again for installation, and at the top and bottom, installing a marble plate, should have a certain gap, in order to prevent the structure of compression, marble facing directly bearing pressure cracking.
(2) install marble seam should be no greater than 0.5 ~ 1 ㎜, Silver Travertine Slabs sealing is tight, grouting to full, block material shall not have defects such as cracks, lack of edge Angle, in order to prevent the erosion gas and wet air intrusion; Embed iron rust, cause surface cracking.
Marble after cracking, the need for quick repair, in case for stone crack stone drop, impact on pedestrians, or directly affect the structure of the form and quality.