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inflatable amusement park

BLOG_POSTED_BY Brandenburg Brandenburg     Jun 23    
Once upon a time, receive our customer feedback said, "now the inflatable amusement park business is not good, we here yan chengguan tube, don't let the pendulum inflatable castle"!
Now because of the influence of the outbreak, in order to in order to people's life security, prime minister li keqiang called for the development of squatter communities in the broad masses of the people! In the country's encouragement, "squatter communities to rekindle!" Well suited to put stall in the inflatable castle will once again usher in a new development opportunity.
Why do you say inflatable castle is very suitable for street vendor?
You can say that, inflatable castle is born for street vendor!
Inflatable castle is a mainly in outdoor amusement equipment! Tall Inflatable indoor park image design, bright color, a rich variety of modelling is there a place can attract the children's eyes from a distance! Managers worry about popularity?
Inflatable castle with a removable, covers an area of small, set up a quick, easy disassembling transport advantages, thus conducive to street vendor!
Inflatable castles also is very convenient to operate, operator just need to collect tickets at the gate of the castle, usually one or two people can realize inflatable castle business!
Inflatable castle is a child at the same time for multiple interactive play equipment, according to the child revellers habit, as long as there is a child to play, soon there will be more children join in. Therefore, inflatable castle is one of the more easily gathered popularity device!
Inflatable castle is low, average of ten thousand dollars can Inflatable outdoor park buy a good size, if a child 10 yuan, 50 children play a night, and then the income is 500 yuan a night! To implement this just around the corner! Therefore, inflatable castle is a small investment, back to the good project! Very suitable for street vendor management!
Do you want to be faced with new opportunities inflatable bounce house with slide and industry inflatable castle street vendor that bosses need to grasp!
Design point of view, from the appearance of snow, the snow pressure branches of pines, polar bears, these little penguins can only be seen in a cold place scene suddenly gathered in the here! In the summer of sweating, such a water park with the arctic amorous feelings in front, can resist jump in?
Look from the game, designed the multiple ways, let the children play less crowded, practicality is very strong!