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Fu Zhi Yi Xiao (End + All Extra Stories)

BLOG_POSTED_BY Curry Curry     Sep 21    
Both of them are masters who don't care about other people's eyes. They choose the food they like tacitly. Within a moment, the cart is full. Walking to the cash register, Fu Xiao looked down at the mountain of things, wondering whether they were eating for two or ten people. Who knows in her daze gap, Tang Xuezheng has already swiped the card, Fu Xiao like inadvertently took the receipt a look, immediately stare big eyes, so many things spent five or six hundred? They eat gold! You What else did you buy besides food? "No more." Tang Xuezheng answered casually with a big bag in his left and right hands. Then they may have miscalculated. Fu Xiao stopped. This poor chance can't happen to us. Let's go. Tang Xuezheng smiled and motioned. Well, it wasn't her money anyway. I'll carry a bag. "It's as light as cotton, and you need two people to carry it?" Back home, Tang Xuezheng let Fu Xiao wash vegetables, he went out again, and when he came back, he carried a bottle of wine in his hand. Not for many years, make do with it. Fu Xiao glanced at the label and felt that he was too modest. Turned back to the kitchen to wash vegetables, Tang Xuezheng also followed in to help, she looked at him,Steel racking system, did not speak, also not polite. After a long time, it was dark, and they went to the living room with a Mandarin duck pot and an induction cooker, ready to eat New Year's Eve dinner while watching TV. Why don't you watch Conan? Tang Xuezheng turned on the TV and suggested. I want to watch the Spring Festival Gala. Fu Xiao took four pairs of bowls and chopsticks and goblets and said firmly. You like to watch that? I told you I'd take you to the scene. Tang Xuezheng came back and sat comfortably on the sofa, but he didn't expect the next kitchen to be so tiring. I only like to watch it on TV. She went into the kitchen several times one after another and brought the hot pot ingredients to the table. No wonder the young master picked high-grade things,long span shelving, such as deep-sea abalone and hairy crabs. Tang Xuezheng chuckled and brought over the red wine that had been breathed for a while. When he poured the wine for her, he asked strangely, "What are you doing with four glasses? Is there anyone else coming?" Fu Xiao was silent for a moment and then said, "This is for Mom and Dad." The relaxed expression stopped at once. "Oh." He nodded and poured the wine with both hands. Fu Xiao placed two pairs of bowls and chopsticks beside him and said in a low voice, "Mom and Dad are celebrating the New Year." Tang Xuezheng heard the taste of loneliness, and he looked at her in silence, with some pity. After a few minutes, Fu Xiao stood up and sprinkled the two glasses of wine on the ground and collected the bowls and chopsticks. Take it now? "Well, it's finished." In fact, every year when Fu Xiao celebrates the festival alone, she always puts pictures of her parents beside her bowls, chopsticks and wine glasses until she finishes the New Year's Eve dinner. Tang Xuezheng did not understand this, radio shuttle racking ,Narrow aisle rack, so he sat on the sofa and watched her play with it. The opening ceremony of the Spring Festival Gala of CCTV-1 had already begun in a lively way. Fu Xiao came out of the kitchen, "Ah, just right.". We can eat, too. She sat back in her seat, this time not forgetting that she was the host, picked up the goblet and smiled at Tang Xuezheng, "Happy New Year, Tang Xuezheng." "Happy New Year." With a smile on his lips, he clinked glasses with her. The two are no strangers, and the New Year's Eve dinner is also harmonious. Tang Xuezheng, who has not watched the Spring Festival Gala since he was 12 years old, can also chat with her one by one. It's a wonderful feeling that the traditional Chinese New Year's Eve should be a time for family reunion. These two men and women, who are not relatives or even good friends, are surrounded by a table, which is so harmonious and natural. What kind of cocktail do you like? I'll mix it for you next time. "I haven't had any cocktails." Tang Xuezheng looked incredulous. He studied her for a long time. "This girl is not patriotic. Why doesn't a man invite you to have a drink?" This woman's vanity Fu Xiao still has, she retorted: "How can not, a lot of people." "Oh?" He put down his glass and listened attentively. "Let's not talk about the distance. Is there any time during this period?" "Of course, brother Qiang let me go to play the first two days." She stuck out her tongue in secret, knowing that she was stealing the concept. He chuckled and glanced into her eyes as if she were trying to be brave. "Who is he?" Knowing that she could not deceive him, she curled her lips, "the brother who grew up together." "Where does he work?" "Shanghai.." "Oh-" he nodded his head clearly. You oh what ah! She became angry from embarrassment. Come on, eat the shrimp. When people are annoyed, someone will offer the peeled shrimp. Hum She took an angry bite as a relief. Chapter 17 After eating the New Year's Eve dinner slowly, Fu Xiao took out the electric stove to warm his hands and set up a square table on it. The table was covered with soft cotton cloth almost touching the ground. The people who were afraid of cold hid their hands and feet inside, which was very warm. This is Fu Xiao's favorite winter thing. This makes the men from the north can not understand, this is the need for heating weather? But seeing her sigh contentedly and lie lazily on it, she felt that she should not make a sound. The two of them continued to watch the Spring Festival Gala peacefully, and Fu Xiao, who refused to take out his hand as soon as he retracted into the heat source, refused to eat the fruit because he had to peel it. Tang Xuezheng looked at her hopelessly and handed her the peeled mangosteen. The hospitality is hard to refuse, the eldest young lady very not easy to lift out the slender finger to eat, and immediately retract to the original place. Tang Xuezheng was suddenly a little worried. Why are you so afraid of the cold. At twelve o'clock in the blink of an eye, Fu Xiao finally reached out his hand and began to pick up his cell phone. What are you doing He asked casually. Make up New Year's blessing messages. As she answered, she continued to stare at the screen. "Didn't you send it?"? It's better for you to send a text message or make a phone call if you are not at home for the Spring Festival. Is there such a set of fastidious things in the Spring Festival? He raised his eyebrows, took out his cell phone and turned it on. The corners of Fu Xiao's mouth twitched. Who said his cell phone was out of power? Who would have thought that as soon as the mobile phone was turned on, the sound of short text messages would crackle like a string of bullets, so much so that Fu Xiao, who was concentrating on making up information,Narrow aisle rack, looked up at him curiously. The host did not surprise her, but very calmly browsed his message, "just some blessing messages." His eyebrows didn't move.