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Book and sword enmity record

BLOG_POSTED_BY Dickey Dickey     Sep 21    
As soon as the legs were clamped, the white horse, like an arrow from the string, rushed straight out like smoke. The soldiers of the Qing Dynasty were waiting to ask, but the white horse had already passed by. The horse galloped past three groups of Qing soldiers at a fantastic speed. Chen Jialuo in the heart is secretly pleased, the white horse suddenly stopped, but is in front of the armored army platoon closely, insurmountable. Chen Jialuo held his breath, turned his horse's head, and bypassed the armored troops, only to see the archers bending their bows and arrows, the spears slanting their iron spears, one by one, at a glance, countless. As soon as the general officer of the Qing Dynasty gave the order, he and the girl in his arms immediately gathered thousands of spears and ten thousand arrows. Even if they had the ability to reach the sky, they could not escape. They simply tightened the reins and walked slowly. They straightened up and looked at the Qing soldiers without looking at them. They walked proudly. At that time, the morning sun was rising, and the two of them were facing the sunlight and walking slowly. The girl's hair, face, hands and clothes were covered with faint sunshine. Tens of thousands of officers and soldiers of the Qing army gazed at the girl in a trance, and everyone's heart suddenly beat violently. No matter the officers and soldiers, they were all intoxicated in the light of this peerless beauty. Tens of thousands of people were at daggers drawn between the two armies, and a bloody battle was imminent, but all of a sudden, it seemed to be in a coma, and everyone froze. There was a clanging sound, and a spear in the hand of a Qing soldier fell to the ground. Then, countless spears fell to the ground, and the archer's bow and arrow were withdrawn. The officers forgot to stop and watched the two men's backs fade away. Zhao Hui in front of the personal supervisor, staring blankly at the girl in white far away,Theobromine Powder, the eyes from the shadow of her, but feel soft and quiet in the heart, don't want to fight, look back, see under all all, deputy all, ginseng collar, assistant collar and QinBing, everyone looks peaceful, close the knife into the scabbard, wait for the commander in chief ordered the retreat. Zhao Hui couldn't help shouting,D BHB Factory, "Withdraw our troops and go back to camp!" Will be ordered, tens of thousands of infantry and cavalry rolled back down, out of dozens of miles, in the Blackwater River camp. Chen Jialuo was out of danger, already covered with cold sweat, her hands trembling slightly, but the girl looked calm, but she did not know that she had just experienced a narrow escape from death. With a slight smile, she jumped onto the back of the red horse and said with a smile, "Our team is ahead." Chen Jialuo put away his sword and shield, and the two men ran back to the team. A small group of cavalry came up to meet them, cheered loudly, galloped up to them, and jumped off their horses to salute the girl. The girl said a few words. The cavalry captain also came up to salute Chen Jialuo and said, "Brother, you have worked hard. May Allah bless you." Chen Jialuo thanked him in return. The girl no longer waited for him and rode straight into the procession. She seemed to be quite powerful among the Hui people, and the red horses were everywhere, and everyone cheered to give way. The cavalry captain invited Chen Jialuo to rest and eat in the barracks. Chen Jialuo wants to see Mu Zhuolun. "The patriarch has gone out to inspect the enemy," said the captain. "When he comes back, he will inform you immediately." Chen Jialuo was tired from his journey. He had just experienced a strange danger and escaped from death. He was already exhausted, so he slept in the camp. After noon, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the cavalry captain said that Muzhuolun would not be back until the evening. Chen Jialuo asked him who the girl in white was. The captain laughed and said, "Besides her, who else can be so beautiful?"? We're going to have a meeting tonight. Brother, you can come too. You'll see the patriarch at the meeting. Chen Jialuo was puzzled and inconvenient to ask more questions. In the evening, the young and middle-aged soldiers of the battalion were busy and decorated, and all of them were radiant and clean. Dusk is gathering in the desert, and a hook-eyebrow moon rises from the horizon. Suddenly I heard the sound of drums outside the camp. The cavalry captain came into the tent, took Chen Jialuo by the hand, and said, "The new moon is coming out, brother. Let's go." The two men arrived outside the camp, only to see a large fire burning on the flat ground, and the young soldiers of the Hui people were coming from all directions and surrounding the fire. Around, some people are roasting cattle and sheep, cooking pilaf, and some are playing the piano and music, which is a happy scene. When the horn blew, a group of people came out of the middle tent. The first one was Muzhuolun, followed by his son Huo Ayi. Chen Jialuo thought to himself, "After they finish their business, I'll go up and recognize each other." So he turned up his skirt and covered half of his face. Muzhuolun waved to the crowd, and they knelt down and prayed to Allah, the true God. Chen Jialuo also bowed down with the crowd. At the end of the prayer, Muzhuolun shouted, "Brothers who already have wives, you should work hard today to keep watch outside and make your young brothers happy for a night.". "When the bugle sounded, three groups of soldiers lined up, each holding a horse in his left hand and a long knife in his right hand.". Hoai mounted his horse and shouted to the young warrior sitting on the ground, "God bless you, let you have a good time with your beloved girl tonight." The young soldiers cheered and shouted, "God bless you, thank you for your hard work against the enemy." Huo Ayi, with a long knife, led three groups of soldiers to go out to defend. Chen Jialuo see people back to dispatch well, the army is very popular, secretly gratified. He had been in Huijiang for a long time, and knew that although the marriage of Hui people was also ordered by their parents, they had to be fettered by property, status, and so on, but it was much wider than the etiquette of the Han people. It is a custom handed down from ancient times among the Hui people that young unmarried men and women are engaged to each other in the meeting. The so-called "snuggle" is that a young girl goes to snuggle to her lover, with a brocade belt around her neck, and dances for life. It originates from the woman, but it is a phoenix seeking a phoenix, not a phoenix seeking a phoenix. Soon the music suddenly changed, the tune turned soft, the door of the tent opened, and a large group of young girls came out, dressed in bright clothes, with gold and silver shining on their hats, singing and dancing towards the fire. Chen Jialuo suddenly shook and saw two young girls walking side by side to Muzhuolun, one in yellow and the other in white. Wearing white is the beautiful girl who came with him, wearing a yellow hat with a green feather, it is Huo Qingtong. Under the moonlight, it looks graceful and graceful, just like that day. The two men, one left and one right, sat down beside Muzhuolun. Chen Jialuo suddenly remembered, "Is this girl in white Huo Qingtong's sister?"? No wonder I always felt that her appearance was somewhat familiar. I had seen her portrait on the jade vase. It's just that although the portrait is well painted, how can a real person be beautiful? His face was flushed, his palms were sweaty, and his heart was pounding. As soon as she saw Huo Qingtong that day, she couldn't help feeling affectionate, but seeing that she was intimate with Lu Feiqing's apprentice, she thought she had a lover, so she had to try to restrain her lovesickness. These days with a peerless beauty get together day and night, full of affection,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, can not help but early turn to the white girl. At the moment and see Shuangshu, can not help but a burst of confusion, a trance.