Everone.life How to use the 3-1-4-2 formation in FIFA 22

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  • BLOG_POSTED_ON: Nov 05, 2021
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  • Description : You can set it as defensive or offensive according to your own situation.


  • A good FUT formation will determine the direction of victory in a game. In addition, the choice of a formation will also largely determine your choice of players and the way you play on the court. Today, I will introduce the 3-1-4-2 formation.

    You can set it as defensive or offensive according to your own situation. This is where 31-4-2 is superior to other formations. For example, when you are chasing a goal, you can overload your offense by pushing your winger to a high position, while FIFA 22 Coins still maintaining defensive coverage in your midfield without missing any simple Goal. Because the midfield winger will be able to enter the penalty area to allow them to complete the game, this effect will be very good when you have a tall and strong forward.

    In addition, you can use your midfielders to assist the defense, allowing you to stay ahead of the game later in the game. It makes it difficult for opponents to knock you down by sacrificing width, especially when a defensive midfielder shuttles back and forth in front of your defense. This can be very effective.

    Of course, you can choose a 3-4-1-2 formation that has roughly the same functions as 31-4-2, and help your strikers play their advantage by replacing CDM with organizational CAM. It will make you more powerful on offense, but it will Buy FIFA 22 Coins sacrifice some defensive stability. If you are a player who prefers to play ball-based games in the midfield, then this type of formation allows the forward to move quickly in the frontcourt.

    A good formation can give players a certain advantage in the game, but if there are no suitable players to execute these formations, it is equivalent to talking on paper. So you need to get some players that suit your formation in the game, but this will cost a lot of FIFA 22 Coins. If you are short of FIFA 22 Coins, UTnice may be a good choice for you. A large number of preferential FIFA 22 Coins are being sold there. The transaction process is safe and reliable, and you can trust it!