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  • Always with the quality of a material is solid, colorful marble white marble slabs were liked by people. A marble of choose and buy consumers said, marble, many colors, wider range of choice, can choose one or several different color is tie-in use, adornment effect is good, has the feeling of luxury. Choose marble is a hassle, but at the same time said, because the same color of natural marble existence chromatism, so when the choose and buy to choose with merchants to the warehouse to pieces. In order to avoid the color difference is too big, destroy whole adornment effect.
    The color of the marble decided to price is one of the most important factor. According to merchants, color marble because of its unique mineral is less, so the price is expensive. Color is similar to marble ore color price is in commonly 100 yuan/square metre, and the same specifications of red, black, green marble, price is in 300 yuan/square meters to 500 yuan/square meters.
    Marble is divided into natural marble and scagliola, and white marble mosaic artificial is much cheaper. And Mr Zou to buy, it is artificial marble. Jiang said the teacher, artificial marble at the bottom of the web, if in the process of the shop is stuck, below the hole, or acid daub, cheng fang on the marble, the force it prone to fracture.
    Marble waxing polishing, stone pore was completely closed, the stone pietra gray marble material can not inside and breathable, so stone prone to disease. Stone grinding block after polishing crystal layer and layer of continuing care with ease, don't need a cleaner to clean the ground, can be directly grinding block with clean water and dry grinding. Can at any time the polishing and nursing, local operation. The color of stone material surface without new contrast. Marble waxing polishing, after a period of time, need to get rid of already klunky wax layer, need to use up the wax water. Need large area construction operation at the same time, the local construction, local construction after the surface have off color.
    Marble after polishing grinding block polishing, luminosity grey marble slab of 90-100 degrees, restore the luminosity stone material factory, realized the value of stone. Aren't care, you can save time, effort, cost savings, more wear-resisting performance.
    Marble waxing polishing, after its surface luminosity decline, fuzzy not clear, reduce the function value of stone material, not entertaining.
    By above difference between essence and representation can be found: marble waxing polishing must be eliminated, and out of the market. Due to grinding and polishing marble crystal nursing process principle and the method is more advanced, can make the marble more ornamental and prolong its service life, so the grinding and polishing marble crystal care will sing all the way, a new round of high tide and competition.