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  • First of all, each person's personality, age, occupation, use room uns s32760 plate functions and understand the different requirements, in addition to using stainless steel plate to decorate wall, also often consider, balcony, ceiling, curtain, home facade other decorations. Compare and contrast color. Therefore, when choosing which color to use, you should be in the future of home decoration have specific thinking and imagination. The influence of space environment
    Consider using what kind of color stainless steel plate color decoration is also very important. For example, the position of the sitting room and the surrounding environment and the function of the room, room toward, personal preference of feng shui, etc, in the formation of colored stainless steel plate products, how to achieve the result of a pre-emptive strike wouldn't have unnecessary trouble.
    The room is decorated
    For the adornment of the sitting room, the space is not very big, uns s31803 sheet so try not to have too many colors, to determine in the field of vision, the biggest color stainless steel plate has the most large people color; The second kind of color is auxiliary color will foil the main color, it will be simple and clear. Auxiliary color as far as possible, and the main hue matching, including hue, brightness and color. By the color of stainless steel plate on the wall decoration, the other parts of the furniture and other decorative, can for the whole of the adornment of the sitting room have the effect that make the finishing point.
    Most often used as decorative tube plate of stainless steel plate is 304 austenite size of material, generally speaking is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, but caused by smelting chemical composition may also appear different magnetic fluctuations or processing status, but it cannot be considered a counterfeit or substandard, what reason is this?
    Mentioned above austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite and ferrite is magnetic, due to improper smelting composition segregation or heat treatment, can cause a small amount of martensite in austenitic stainless steel plate or ferrite. In this way, will be with a weak magnetic stainless steel plate.
    In addition, the stainless steel plate after cold working, the 347 stainless steel organization structure will be to the martensitic transformation, the greater the degree of cold deformation, martensitic transformation, the magnetic steel. As a number of steel strip, the production of Φ 76 tube, no obvious magnetic induction, Φ 9.5 tube production. Because ling bending deformation is magnetically sensitive to some apparently, rectangular tube production due to the deformation is bigger than circular tube, especially the Angle, more intense magnetic more obvious deformation.
    To eliminate the causes of 304 magnetic steel treated by high temperature solid solution stability returns austenitic organization, thus eliminating magnetism. In particular, for the above reasons caused by the magnetic stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate with other materials, such as 430, carbon steel magnetic completely is not the same level, that is to say 304 magnetic always shows the weak magnetic steel.