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  • Water park equipment as hardware of mobile water inflatable floating water park park operation, and mobile water park of preparation time, like youth is short, only seize the time investment investigation can better business in the summer.
    With the continuous development of the water park, an increasing number of consumers, water park today is for young and old, so, for investors, how business can be more attractive to consumers?
    Parent-child family series
    Water park positioning changes significantly in recent years, from the start of the youth, youth as target customers to target customers diversified now, family parent-child customer group increased dramatically, mainly for family parent-child customer group. This kind of form a complete set of water park more interesting to enhance the parent-child interaction, recreational sex, interactivity, mass. Such as: the jungle adventure, rainbow slides, etc.
    A variety of sports series
    Conform to the requirements of the young people's experience, Inflatable water park on lake single slide body can no longer meet the demand of tourists, at present, tourists tend to choose to visit as the carrier, such as rafts choose pattern more, different type slide combination, it can bring more exciting experience for visitors. Such as: three dragon slide, lobster dabble park, etc.
    Theme series equipment
    This kind of slide is to satisfy the consumers "stories" like, makes the slide "storyteller", this kind of equipment is more is the combination of image in the story, is very lovable appearance of tourists.
    Which zha make waves pendulum slide is to "ring which zha inflatable castle with slide sea" as the background, overall modelling restore the scene which zha confrontation with the east China sea dragon palace, which zha stand above the waves of the surge, hand quan positive straight to run, they practiced the dragon king, fearless, which zha and dragon king the whole slide is more vivid, the fight of the scene is very spectacular. Which zha make place slide visitors can experience the sharp downturn in the waves, the rapid rise of stimulating experiences, double stimulation to the person, and play a variety of, can visit can take rafts can play naked, wave set can be directly the water slide.
    Dragon in ancient times is the symbol of our country, by the image produced by a giant bibcock of big slide, in the midst of moving water park, itself to bring their own aura, match again other myths anime elements, improve water park theme connotation. Leading large slide overall color to blue, collocation of red dragon, domineering. Leading large slide is very tall, as high as 15 meters, chute length is about 35 meters, imagine, climbed up the leading large slide, reach an altitude of approximately 5 floors, watching beside playmates in can't wait to slide down, even if at the time a bit timid, also will slowly put down the worry, want to experience a rapid slide.