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Best Places to Visit in Angola

  • You shouldn't let Angola's problems—a civil war that destroyed the nation and many of its national parks, poaching issues, and challenges getting visas—keep you from traveling there. After all, it is Africa's largest country and has a lot to offer.
    There are abandoned yet gorgeous Portuguese colonial buildings in this region, along with elephants, lions, springboks, and gorillas, all of which can be seen in the most breathtaking natural settings. Angola has a lovely mix of tropical forests, savannas, grasslands, and urban stretches interior, in addition to an expansive coastline with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Let’s see the best places to visit in Angola.

    5 Top-rated and Best Places to Visit in Angola

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    Angola's capital is a city of sharp contrasts. Beautiful vistas of the Atlantic Ocean are obstructed by bustling ships, and lean-to huts constructed to house residents of the quickly growing city stand in stark contrast to the high-rise, modern-looking buildings.

    The Tunda Vala Fissure

    At a height of 2,600 meters above sea level, it may be located halfway between the cities of Lubango and Namibe. It goes without saying that the views are amazing from this height, and the vistas that can be seen are among the greatest that Africa has to offer. Hikers looking for adventure frequently make it to this viewpoint, where the vista of the steep slope back to sea level is breathtaking.

    Dilolo Lake

    This mythical lake is said to be in Moxico, Angola. The lake is the largest in the country and a well-liked vacation spot. Although being only a short distance from Cameia Park, the lake is teeming with wildlife, including rare bird species and aquatic life. The lake is an amazing 12 km long and situated at a height of roughly 1000 m. it is one of the best places to visit in Angola.

    Dala Waterfalls

    About 60 meters high, the Dala Waterfalls are breathtaking to see as the water crashes on the rocks below, creating a mist and spray. A hotel has been built barely 50m from the waterfalls for those who truly enjoy the view, allowing them to be easily seen from a bridge near the base of the falls. Book with United and make the United Airlines seat selection to ensure a comfortable trip to Angola. 


    Both the export and tourism industries heavily rely on the port and town of Lobito in Benguela. This beach is a lovely place to relax and take in the sunset for those looking for something less extreme. Nearby old Portuguese buildings and a number of eateries are well worth spending a day or two visiting.


    Discover the true essence of this lovely destination. Plan the trip now with discounted fares and relax your soul. Happy travels to Angola!