Develop Your Artistry with Textured Abstract Flowered Masterpieces

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    November 9, 2023 6:34 AM GMT

    Bring brilliance to your color paintings in the realm of floral art. Blossom floral art focuses on color formations and textures. Witness the unique textured abstract flower paintings from our 7th Flower Art Competition. We recommend enriching your exposure globally by participating in our contests and exhibitions, where we encourage elegant and distinctive designs.


    Guidelines for participating in our flower art competition:

    1. The theme of the competition is "Flower Art Paintings."
    2. The competition is open to amateur and professional artists worldwide.
    3. Each artist may submit up to 10 paintings in a single entry.
    4. The deadline for participation is available on our website.
    5. We offer cash prizes and the opportunity to sell paintings in our United States Exhibition to the top four contest winners.


    In our exhibitions, you can see the paintings of renowned international artists. We are still discovering new artists and talent for art paintings. In support of our contest, you can participate and discuss with others our contest participation. TERAVARNA team will give you appropriate cash prizes for winning our competitions.


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