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Things to do at Anakeesta in Gatlinburg

  • Making your trip filled with excitement & enthusiasm is not only about making your presence in popular spots. At the same time, you can also participate in different kinds of activities at Gatlinburg, making your trip more commendable.

    It's a mountain town on the Eastern side of Tennessee City, and it is also known as the gateway to the 5,20,000-acre Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Moreover, the Emirates Manage Booking desk offers great comfort and unique services.

    Below is the list of the activities to do here:

    Ride to the top :

    There are three different ways to reach the Anakeesta: Chairlift, Chondola, and Ridge rambler. The chairlift provides a phenomenal experience that a tourist would rather expect, as these chairs somehow precisely guide through the cable via mountains. 

    On the other side, here is the Chondola, especially for those who usually have a height phobia.

    Fly in the sky:

    Get ready to experience the best rides during your whole trip. Visitors can enjoy these enthusiastic rides with their friends, partners, or family. You can also enjoy gliding in these separate zip lines from tree to tree.

    Moreover, you will stop at the multiple rappel points where your rides are supposed to be completed. While gliding, enjoy the greenery all around & other surprising natural elements.

    Have some bite :

    While exploring your whole trip, you will obviously intend to enjoy some of the foodstuffs. So, head to grab a meal at the cliff-top grill & bar to refuel; along with these, you can also digest some unique desserts. These things are not part of your daily life, but whenever you get an opportunity to forget everything & just enjoy the way you want.  

    Pearl's pie serves homemade fried pies and hand-dipped ice cream followed by the cones & shakes. These are the multiple ways to enjoy your whole day at this place & with full excitement.

    Explore treetops :

    Anakeesta is home to North America's longest tree bridge, which makes your trip more adorable. Moreover, it's quite built over 800ft in the sky where you can Precisely walk, explore the natural beauty, and capture these ungettable views with your eyes. However, depending on a specific season, you can look at the bears, woodpeckers, and wildflowers. You will almost fall in love with this place as it's quite different from others.

    Zip along the mountainside:

    Try out the Rail Runner single mountain coaster, which will take you through 16,00ft downhill with all sorts of twists & turns. You don't need to worry about the speed as these are designed in a way & can easily control the speed themselves. While riding on these, there are plenty of views worth looking at. 

    Here, you can go to 25 mph and enjoy the best experience of your life. Spread your legs to make yourself comfortable, and enjoy your heart out. 

    Mines for stones & fossils :

    In addition to these exciting activities, you can get involved in some activities. Enjoy the amazing waterfall and the great environment here. Team up with the kids and other family members to find the treasures. Perhaps Emirates Airlines Holiday Packages make your journey quite impressive with affordability and services.

    Relive your childhood days playing in the sand and get along with your family to enjoy these moments that you may not get an opportunity for later.


    The readers can go through the above blog to get detailed information regarding the best things to do in Gatlinburg. Not just these activities, but pay your visit at once, and you will come to know about the other things that are best for you.