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Cyral, CEO and Founder Manav Mital - AITech Interview

  • Can you tell us about your background and how it led you to found Cyral?

    Cyral is the intersection of my passions and proficiencies. I have been on a long entrepreneurial journey. I started out as an early hire at Aster Data, which was one of the first companies to talk about Big Data, where I ran most of the engineering team. Then I founded Instart, which was in the CDN space where we focused on managing infrastructure at cloud scale. Cyral presented itself as the intersection of these two experiences — managing data at cloud scale. When I saw that companies were moving their sensitive data off-premises to the cloud, I realized they need a different way to manage the security and governance of data, and the answer is Cyral.

    How does Cyral’s solution integrate with existing security infrastructure, such as firewalls and SIEMs?

    Cyral is an API-first platform and integrates easily with existing infrastructure, SIEMs, and monitoring tools. And due to Cyral’s stateless interception, it is completely non-disruptive to performance and existing workflows.

    How does Cyral ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA?

    We fold regulations into our product design, and we have a brilliant team of engineers able to quickly enact changes as policy shifts. We don’t collect customer data, which also makes this easier, but we are very strict with our internal security practices.

    Can you share any success stories or notable use cases where Cyral’s solution has helped organizations improve their data security posture?

    One recent example is Turo, the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace. Turo reached a point where the company needed to streamline database access for its developers while strengthening security around the sensitive data it collects, including driver’s licenses, phone numbers, and addresses.

    The company implemented Cyral and realized three key benefits:

    Limited database access to reduce risk: Cyral assigns engineers read-only access to the Turo databases. It also directs users to a replica database so that any problems that may emerge stay isolated from the primary data source.

    Automatic database activity audits: Cyral maintains an audit trail across all users and data sources, so Turo can preemptively identify problems that might be affecting performance or undermining security. If there is ever a security issue, the audit trail will be available for maximizing the speed and precision of the response.

    Growth in a developer-first culture: Turo encourages its devs to innovate, and with Cyral, they can now do so freely without the risk of harming the database. Cyral has guardrails up to keep them from accessing anything risky, so they can grow.

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