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cold chain temperature monitoring devices Function Description

  • 1. Introduction to cold chain temperature monitoring devices

    cold chain temperature monitoring devices use GPS/LBS dual-mode positioning, with real-time positioning, historical driving track playback, electronic fence and other functions, long standby time. Mainly used for rental vehicles, credit vehicles, valuables storage and transportation, heavy machinery and equipment rental, cattle and horses herding sheep ecological breeding, automobile and motorcycle vehicle anti-theft, specific items and vehicle monitoring.

    2. cold chain temperature monitoring devices

    a, the use of GPS/LBS dual-mode positioning: through GPS, GPRS, GIS to achieve 24-hour real-time positioning, you can query the current location and specific status of the device through the monitoring background.

    b, electronic fence: set up monitoring area police in the monitoring background, according to the monitoring area alarm Settings, when the vehicle enters or leaves, the monitoring center will receive the relevant information of the vehicle area alarm.

    c, track playback: The monitoring center will automatically record the track of the monitored equipment, including position, time, speed, direction and status. You can view track information within a certain period of time.

    d, low power alarm

    e,SOS alarm: When encountering an accident, users can send emergency help information to the monitoring center through the SOS alarm button.

    3, can be attached positioning platform function introduction

    You can view the dynamic data through the mobile APP or the PC, the electronic map shows, whether in the office, at home, or at the airport, you can enter the user name and password through the mobile phone to query the situation of the vehicle/person in real time.

    Users can operate this platform for positioning tracking, motion track playback, device parameter query and setting, receiving and recording device abnormal state alarm and other functions of the GPS locator produced by the company, so as to realize remote positioning monitoring and management of the device.

    cold chain temperature monitoring devices