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Best Sex Positions Guaranteed to Enhance Your Intimacy Relation

  • Having a few tried-and-true sex positions may be enjoyable, however experimentation with new ones can bring a refreshingly exciting element to your sex life. Such diversity can not only mean a more pleasurable experience, but also can have numerous health benefits, including lowering stress levels, boosting happy hormones, and fostering a closer connection with your partner.

    Explore a range of provocative and pleasurable postures, sure to add a zing to your next session. We apologize in advance for any puns that occur.

    (These positions can be undertaken by almost any sex doll torso with a vibrator or dildo.)

    #1.The Wheelbarrow

    Exercise caution when using the wheelbarrow after strenuous arm activity; the triceps may not be sufficiently recovered. The wheelbarrow is not designed for short-term use.

    Are you prepared to take on this challenge? Familiarize yourself with the requirements prior to proceeding.

    #2.Doggy Style

    Doing "doggy style" is a classic go-to for couples. Your partner takes over, while you stay on all fours. Plus, it's one of the best ways to stimulate your G-spot and ensures that sweat won't get in your eyes.

    Before you commence, you can try doggy style sex dolls to exercise improve your skills.

    doggy style Sex Doll

    #3.The X Factor

    Envision the missionary position with an alternate approach. We strongly advise against thinking of X Factor judges in the buff while engaging in this activity, as it could have dire consequences.
    Before you decide if this position is more Jedward rather than Olly Murs, read how to embrace the sex factor.

    Before determining if this position is more Jedward than Olly Murs, explore how to capitalize on the sexuality of it.

    #4.The Face-Off

    Eye contact is an intimate experience that not everyone is comfortable with. However, couples who revel in this deep connection can take full advantage of this product.

    #5.The Cowboy

    Sharing and consideration is key - neither party should feel less satisfied than the other. With this product, pleasure is equal and enjoyable for everyone. Working together is a nice way to go, right?
    To make sure you both enjoy your evening, tame your cowboy.

    Achieve an effortless evening by controlling your inner cowboy.

    #6.The Leap Frog

    The Leap Frog position can be an ideal environment for experimenting with less intense spanking. With the added bonus of being able to rest your head and arms on a pillow, it can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both parties. Determine if this is the right position for you and your partner.

    #7.The Reverse Cowgirl

    This position is an ideal choice for those looking to relax and let go, as it lessens the need to appear confident or attractive during lovemaking. With no pressure to make the perfect O face, it can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your partner.

    #8.The Spread Eagle

    Rather than straining to keep up with an exercise class, this product provides all the stretching one needs -- as well as the added bonus of deep penetration. Test out your flexibility and give this hot position a try.

    #9.The Belly Down

    It's not wrong to prioritize yourself - and your partner can still observe. This self-care approach could revolutionize your relationship.

    #10.The Champagne Room

    This item's versatility is exceptional. From the bed to the chair, bath rim, or stairs, you and your partner can explore a multitude of positions with this sophisticated tool.