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This guide will take you through all of the Hidden Cow Areas an

  • In order for you to be able to complete the level on your own, we are going to walk you through the process step by step.

    Positions of Interest and Suggestions are Always Welcomed Regarding the Top-Secret Cow Level.
    Before we get started, we need to go over the important details and everything that came before the initial discovery.  This will prepare us for the work that lies ahead.  This will get us ready for the work that is to come.  After that, we will at long last be in a position to get started.

    In Eastern mythology, the god who presides over oxen and cattle.

    The statue that is commonly known as the Oxen God of the East is one of a set of four statues that surround the fountain.  The other three statues depict animals.  All of the statues are so similar to one another that it is difficult to tell them apart.  On the other hand, only this one of the four of them is capable of holding a conversation with us, which differentiates it from the other three.  What are the steps that need to be taken so that we can obtain some of those? It is reasonable to assume that this provides a clue regarding the drop locations of the relics as well due to the fact that there is only one direction that can be chosen, which is East.  This is due to the fact that there is only one direction that can be chosen, which is East.  The correct wording is as follows:Even though the stone is crumbling to pieces, you can still make out some of the following words:. . .  spill their blood to be deemed worthy. . . Unfortunately, the game does not tell us this information, but given that this level is called the Secret Cow Level, it is pretty reasonable to assume that it should involve cows, as the name of this level suggests it should.

     Two of the most important discoveries that they made were the location of the Forlorn Hovel, which is also known as the Secret Cellar, and the Three Relics, as well as the locations of where they can be found.  Both of these locations can be found in the same place.  This is an explanation of how to describe it, and it is as follows:A piece of blood-stained wood with leather straps that have seen better days and have seen better days.


    The Hordric Cube can be represented by the Intricate Metallic Fragment in its entirety, or at the very least, in part of its entirety


    1.  Either way, this is possible

    2.  It looks like a part from an old piece of machinery that's no longer in use

    3.  The following information can be found in the description of the product:An old book was encased in a leather binding that had seen better days but was still intact

    4.  There are two aspects of this circumstance that are extremely significant, and both of them need to be taken into consideration

    5.  The first is that there is a required (and hidden) number of cows that need to be vanquished, and this is a counter that counts up to 666

    6. 7 days for each player

    7.  If you want to win the game, you have to defeat this required number of cows

    8.  You have to slaughter the specified number of cows in order to emerge victorious from this competition

    This suggests that you can farm the majority of them in a quick farm spot before moving to a different location to collect the relic if you don't want to spend the time looking for game in that particular area.  Alternatively, if you do want to spend the time hunting for game in that area, you can farm the majority of them in a quick farm spot.  If you move to a new location in order to collect the relic, you will find that this is the case.

    You'll find a section later on in this guide where we discuss two different approaches to cow farming that are highly recommended for speeding up the process.  These are the approaches to look for if you want to get the job done faster.  Both calf rearing and dry lot farming are examples of these methods.

    One of the places in which it is possible to acquire the Intricate Metallic Fragment is in the Dry Steppes.  This is one of the locations.

    Scosglen and Fractured Peaks are both good places to search for the Musty Tome if you are looking for it.  As a direct result of this, you are exempt from the requirement of engaging in any kind of commercial activity in order to coordinate faster access.  After taking them for a quick swim in the pool, which is the only thing that is required to clean them, you can then pick them up and put them to use once more.

    The Skeleton Key to a Mysterious Enigma

    The Strange Key does not in any way, shape, or form provide any kind of genuine direction or any direction at all regarding where the person should go with it.

    You can't help but get the feeling that it has some kind of influence over you, despite the fact that it doesn't appear to be harmful in any way.  You will need to travel to that location in order to gain access to the Cellar; however, doing so will result in the loss of the Strange Key.  The Cellar is located in the basement of the mansion.


    The Outpost or the Ruined Hut

    • Once you have gained access to the Forlorn Hovel, you will be able to enter it, and once you have done so, you will discover a greater number of cows within it

    •  It would appear that these individuals are to blame for the deaths of the villagers

    After you have slaughtered all of the cows that can be found in the Forlorn Hovel, a Stamina Potion will be left behind for you to pick up from the last cow that you slaughter.  Since quite some time ago, it has been a running joke that potions that increase stamina are supposed to be white in color and resemble milk in appearance.

    The very idea of biting into this gives you a queasy feeling in the very back of your throat and in the very center of your stomach.

    This item, in contrast to the one that came before it, is not considered to be a part of the quest but rather a consumable item that can be used up during the course of the quest.  It is now fully tradable as a direct consequence of this development, in addition to having practical applications, which is a plus.

    What Takes PlaceIn the following
    We have not yet been able to determine what it is that the Stamina Potion is responsible for, or if there is anything in particular that sets it apart from other potions.

    This is not to imply that there is not an important conclusion; rather, it is to point out that, as of right now, the Stamina Potion is both the furthest this has progressed and appears to be the end of this part of the quest.  This is not to imply that there is not a significant conclusion.  This is not to imply that there is not a major conclusion; rather, it is to point out that there is no major conclusion.  There is no major conclusion.  I and a few other people traveled the following routes in order to get to our 666 cows.  Listed below are some of those routes.

    If the capability to move around quickly is more important to you, then the Sorcerer class is an excellent choice because they have access to both Teleport and the Teleport Enchantment.  If this is the case, then the Sorcerer class is an excellent option for you.

    Proceed to the small farm that can be found directly to the south of where you are currently standing. (1-3 cows)
    It is up to you to decide.  There are some cows that are confined by fencing and can be found close to the town.  You will either need a skill that can go through walls in order to get the additional two cows, or you will have to cross your fingers and hope that they are close enough to the fence for you to use the Dismount skill on them.  If you do not have a skill that can go through walls, then you will have to cross your fingers and hope that they are close enough.  In either case, you are going to need a skill that allows you to go through walls in order to obtain the additional two cows.

    The roadway or path known as the Cerrigar.

    - In the middle of this journey, there is a teleportation portal (TP) that will take you to Cerrigar

    - Along this route, you will visit several of the Scosglen farms, and there will also be a teleportation portal there

    - It is highly recommended that you make your way to the small farms that are located to the west of Cerrigar

    - (2-6 cows)This location is located to the north-northeast of the expansive farm that can be found there