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The life-size sex dolls has a pretty face

  • You should know that cleaning sex dolls wig is probably the easiest thing you can do. Cleaning wigs is as easy as cleaning real hair. You will need to use the same hair care products you use to clean sex doll wigs. If you want to prolong the life of your wig, it is best to use mild products.

    Love dolls have beautiful faces. Therefore, it is also important to clean the doll's face regularly. Here's why you should know how to clean a sex doll's face. Here's how to clean your doll's face.

    Just like cleaning your sex doll, it's important to know how to dry it. If the doll's skin is wet, it is more likely to be damaged. Therefore, great care must be taken during the drying process of real dolls.

    One of the biggest concerns for electric hip sex doll owners is the possibility of dirt from the fabric getting on the doll's skin. Now, your love doll can avoid stains like these if you're just a little more careful. Be aware that silicone dolls are prone to such stains. Therefore, it must be handled with great care.

    The popularity of sex dolls is growing faster than ever. People are now starting to realize how great these sex toys are. It just gives a real touch to their masturbation, which is totally unbelievable. Using a sex doll is much better than hand masturbation.

    Buying a sex doll can be a confusing task because you have so many different types of real dolls and you have to choose one. There's one more thing to consider besides the sex doll type. That's the price of a love doll.

    Frankly, sex dolls aren't cheap, and can be a little pricey. Those cheap dolls you find probably aren't worth using. When you buy a 160cm sex doll, your main goal should be to have the most fun with it.