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    April 26, 2024 2:40 AM BST

    When participating in over/under betting, everyone should know how to calculate over/under. This is the crucial first step to help players win in betting rounds.

    Below, Wintips will share football tips for today with you a detailed guide on how to calculate over/under bets.



    What is football over/under betting?

    Over/under or Sicbo is a type of red-black betting, originated from China. With modernization, over/under has become increasingly popular among young people and has evolved in various forms. Nowadays, players can not only bet on traditional over/under games as before but also play online.

    Over/under betting is also popular in sports, especially football. It's no longer just a casino game as before.

    Understanding how to calculate over/under will help players participate in betting more effectively and accurately in betting rounds. This is also a fundamental factor to help you minimize financial risks and increase your chances of winning.

    Guidelines on how to calculate over/under help you grasp the game

    Basically, nowadays over/under is not limited to casinos anymore. The game has developed and is applied in many different forms, such as over/under in football, over/under in electronic sports betting, or cockfighting matches... Here we will introduce how to calculate over/under in the two most popular types of betting: football over/under and casino over/under.

    How to calculate football over/under

    Football over/under is one of the most popular sports betting markets. Almost every football match involves over/under odds. And in football, there will be both main and side over/under odds.

    According to the rules of football over/under betting, calculating over/under depends on the total number of goals scored by both teams. Players will bet on Over or Under based on the odds provided by the bookmakers. If your prediction is correct, you win the bet, otherwise, you lose the bet.

    Under: The total number of goals scored after the match is less than the odds provided by the bookmakers.

    Over: The total number of goals scored after the match is greater than the odds provided by the bookmakers.

    Note: When playing football over/under, goals scored in extra time and penalty shootouts are not counted.

    Football over/under usually offers diverse odds for players to choose from, such as: Over/under 1.5 goals, Over/under 3 goals, Over/under 0.5 goals…

    How to play soccer betting to win easily?

    In general, the techniques below are not absolute. However, they are all synthesized from experienced experts in the field of soccer betting. Read the following suggestions to accumulate more experience for yourself.

    With this method, players will bet on the "over" option. During the match, if the over/under odds are decreasing, continue to bet on the "over" option. Generally, this technique will be applied to matches with the following factors:

    Both teams have weak defenses.

    There is a clear gap between a strong team and a weak team.

    One team tends to defend while the other strives to attack and score goals.

    These factors often appear in tournaments such as those in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, or teams with increasing goal-scoring efficiency, leaning towards offensive play. Additionally, this technique should not be applied to major tournaments like the Champions League, the English Premier League, etc., because the teams here have similar long-term styles.

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    FAQ – Answering players' questions when calculating soccer betting odds

    Does participating in soccer betting affect health?

    Soccer betting is a form of gambling, with elements of chance, and the game is highly addictive. Playing soccer betting for too many hours a day can affect health and decrease mental well-being. In case of unfortunate losses, you may become irritable, affecting relationships around you.

    How to calculate soccer betting odds to never lose?

    Soccer betting is a game of chance, and there's no guarantee of winning every time. Besides understanding the ways to calculate soccer betting odds that we've shared, you can apply the following playing experiences to minimize financial risks:

    Capital management: Whenever playing soccer betting or any casino game, you must effectively manage your capital. Divide it into small funds, and when you've used up the limited amount of money for today, stop playing, and don't continue to avoid losing all your money.

    Limit placing multiple bets: You shouldn't place too many bets; it's best to limit from 1 to 2 bets. Placing too many bets doesn't guarantee a win, but when you lose, it can make you lose all your money immediately.

    Know when to stop: When winning, don't be too greedy, and when losing, don't try to recover losses. Remember this principle because soccer betting is a game of chance; no one always wins or loses. Stopping at the right time helps you preserve your capital, and when you win, you'll secure a certain profit.

    How to calculate soccer betting odds online on a phone?

    Online soccer betting on a phone or a web platform doesn't have much difference. Therefore, calculating soccer betting odds online on a phone is similar to playing on a website. The difference lies in the ease of playing on a phone, which is much simpler.

    Above are the ways to calculate soccer betting odds that players need to know when

    participating in the game. These are all crucial if you don't want to become a "blind chicken.



    Hopefully, what Wintips has mentioned in this soccer tips app will help you understand more about the most popular soccer betting game today.