Guide to play RUNNING bet in Football Betting

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    August 19, 2023 4:51 AM BST
    Many newcomers to football betting often wonder about the term 'handicap' and how to accurately interpret handicap bets. Since this is a popular type of bet, it's important to understand what it means. Let's delve into the details of what a handicap bet is in this article.
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    A handicap (running) bet is a type of bet in football betting, and it is placed while a match is in progress. This type of bet typically has an effect only within a specific period of the ongoing match, so when choosing a handicap bet, players need to act promptly. If you only pay attention to the betting odds provided by the bookmakers within the 2-5 minute timeframe, you might miss the opportunity to place the bet.
    Players usually associate a handicap bet with the 'over/under' (total goals) betting. Even though it's called a 'Running' bet (indicating that the match is currently underway), it's still limited to this specific betting type.
    For those interested in betting on the 'over/under' outcome, it's advisable to place the bet in the second half. This is the period when both teams are pushing their efforts to secure a victory. In case you want to place a handicap (spread) bet, wait for the opportune moment towards the end of the match.
    Placing a handicap bet in the first half isn't overly complicated. Players can rely on the historical head-to-head records of the two teams as well as their playing style to make the most accurate selection. Moreover, players can also consider the information displayed on the bookmaker's odds board or refer to additional experience in predicting football scores before placing the bet.
    When considering a handicap bet for the second half, there are certain notes to be aware of. For instance, matches that have no handicap odds in the first half might offer 'over/under' odds in the second half of the match.
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    Being able to determine which matches to participate in and which ones to avoid is one of the challenges that contribute to successful betting. For example, if you prefer the 'over/under' bet, it's best to select tournaments ranging from mid-level to major leagues. This is when you can observe more fluctuations, but it's not always easy to predict when the opportunity will arise. In some instances, two goals could be scored within just three minutes.
    Hence, the most engaging matches for handicap betting include:
    Conducting detailed research on the match history and schedules of both teams before placing a bet.
    Avoiding matches involving teams ranked between 3rd and 5th place.
    Limiting bets on U21 matches and friendly matches.
    Being selective with matches that have odds displayed on the betting board and paying attention to the spread odds of each match.
    Opting for matches with a handicap range of 0.5 to 0.75 goals.
    Choosing bets in smaller matches with fewer observers during a specific timeframe.
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    The information shared above will provide you with a better understanding of what a handicap (running) bet is and how to accurately interpret it. What's more important when engaging in betting is maintaining a stable mental state and calmness to make the most accurate betting decisions.