How to Protect your furniture when relocating in Bangalore?

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    October 23, 2023 1:57 PM BST

    Furniture is eassential items in House.Moving  furniture like bed,sofa,almirah,electronics items like lcd, laptop washing machine, and wall painting,etc require proper packaging from all edges.

    When you are furniture items in Bangalore then must do following things

    • Take Measurement of your furniture so you can hire transport vehicles accordingly.
    • You can do dissassembling of furniture by removing screws or nuts for easy lifting in stairs and can be loaded into vehicles smoothly.
    • You can pack fragile items like tv,laptop, lamps, glass items and manymore in special boxes
    • You can pack cushion and pillow and light lamps in moving boxes and place them in bottom.
    • You need to use moving blanket that cover your furniture
    • You can protect corners with cardboard as edges get damage during lifting and loading.

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