When to do Payment of Movers before or after the move in Ahmedabad?

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    November 14, 2023 12:26 PM GMT

    When you are moving your goods, furniture or vehicles from one city to another in Ahmedabad,then one question is when to do payment of movers before or after move. You should not make full payment to movers before move as they can steal your goods items. Generally verified moving companies won’t ask to make full payment of their moving services. If you are satisfied with work of movers for loading service and ask for small amount  then it is up to you., You can pay or refuse it. You can make payment of deposit amount as this is asked by movers so that that a customer won’t just decide to cancel the move at the last moment.

    You should also not make payment to movers in cash as you have no record of payment and can pay through check or NEFT. 

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