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SuperFi Saved $60K On Annual Hiring Costs - Here Is How They Di

  • Summary

    • Remote developers can make a considerable difference to your business
    • The cost savings are significant with outsourcing.
    • Put your concerns for quality, communication challenges, and team management at bay.
    • Evaluating the overall value and aligning the outsourcing strategy.

    The benefits of hiring a remote team extend beyond cost savings, offering a more versatile, diverse, and adaptable workforce conducive to modern work dynamics. SuperFi Finance saved over $60k on annual hiring costs by outsourcing to Acquaint Softtech. This is how they did it:


    SuperFi is a platform that has the best solution to ensure you do not fall into the debt trap. It has the perfect solution to allow you to manage all your debt in one place proactively. This is a highly successful platform, but it has become possible only after the exceptional effort of the highly skilled team from Acquaint Softtech. We provided an affordable remote developer and much more.

    SuperFi overcame the uphill task of developing a flawless solution that was well accepted by the users and highly effective in assisting the users in managing their finances.

    SuperFi Finance is a firm that believes in outsourcing its project requirements. They always hire remote developers with expertise in the relevant technologies and knowledge of advanced technologies to develop cutting-edge solutions.

    This article provides insight into how their intelligent business decision to hire quality remote developers from Acquaint helped them save big on development costs and ensure they gained a state-of-the-art solution.

    The SuperFi Project

    Acquaint Softtech had already developed a feature-rich mobile app for the same client. This was a questionnaire mobile app and became so popular that they successfully sold the entire business in a fruitful deal.

    This client came up with the concept for another big project, and once again, they opted to outsource the project development. Their idea was pertaining to solving the common problem of credit card debt.

    As per several surveys online, the average credit card debt per household in the UK is over 2000 pounds. SuperFi Finance's idea was to help such users better manage their debt.

    Their solution involved designing an online platform for users to manage their credit cards, use a tool to calculate time to being debt free, be rewarded for timely payment, and much more.

    An expert team of professionals from Acquaint Softtech built a website and mobile app for SuperFi. This team consisted of 2 MERN developers, 2 React Native developers, 1 DevOps Engineer, a Quality Analyst, and a Project Manager. Technologies like NodeJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, React Native, and Amazon AWS were used for this project.

    We did more than provide an affordable remote developer. We also played an integral role in developing the business plan. Our team did extensive research to come up with the KPI and project roadmap. We set the MVP while the full-scale product was in the development stage.

    Here is what this project was all about:

    SuperFi Finance had an incredible concept; however, they needed to figure out how to execute it; besides this, they were eager to make their solution available to everyone as soon as possible. Hence, they made a wise decision to develop an MVP. This is a firm that has evolved several projects in the past, one of which was built by Acquaint Softtech itself. Hence, they decided against reinventing the wheel and turned to us for their development needs once again.

    • They had several options, like almost every business has, which is to either set up an in-house team or to spend time searching and interviewing developers in the quest to find the perfect couple.
    • The quality remote developers at Acquaint Softtech had created a good impression on them with the previous software development project; hence, they did not waste any time selecting us to develop this Fintech solution. In doing so, they saved a considerable amount of time and effort.
    • At Acquaint Softtech, we offered our client. SuperFi Finance, a team of pre-vetted remote developers to ensure the least amount of time was spent in the hiring process. Having a good business concept, however, it is also essential to present it well; that is where we come in.
    • Our approach to developing a website and mobile app solution for SuperFi involved an initial brainstorming session. We spent a little extra effort with the UI logic to ensure the interface was interactive and appealing. Our skilled developers built an innovative solution with custom features and also took advantage of third-party integration solutions.
    • We aimed to deliver an appealing website and mobile app solution that met the client's requirements and lived up to the expectations of the users. This was essential considering the large number of businesses providing various solutions.
    • We have expertise in developing Fintech solutions; hence, we overcame several challenges to rise to the occasion once more and deliver a next-generation Fintech solution. This included several custom features with a highly interactive admin panel and other top-notch features.

    We built an MVP in record time, thanks to the skill and experience of the team. Besides this, we also extended our support for the MVP solution after the launch for performance optimization and more. We developed a custom solution for SuperFi Finance since they chose to outsource the project development to Acquaint Softtech.

    They chose this solution over the various other options like:

    • In-House Development: Allows complete control over the process, direct communication, and a team dedicated solely to your project. But it also comes with higher costs due to hiring, training, infrastructure setup, and potential limitations in expertise or scalability.
    • Freelancers: Ensures flexibility, cost-effectiveness for small projects, and access to niche expertise. On the other hand, one has to deal with reliability concerns, potential coordination issues, and limited capacity for larger projects.

    By choosing to outsource their project to us, they gained access to specialized skills. They also benefited from cost-effectiveness, faster development times, and flexibility in scaling resources. The highly experienced team at Acquaint Softtech made sure to overcome communication challenges and differences in time zones as well.

    The Outcome

    • We built an innovative website and mobile app with custom features as a part of our FinTech solution. Our MVP was accepted well by the client, and they successfully launched it. They have had a good response from the users, who were pleased with the features.
    • It was designed to track active user engagement to assess the effectiveness of the platform. We ensured the security of the users and allowed them access to robust algorithms for debt prevention and gaining debt-free status. Special care was taken to ensure platform uptime and availability. We also conducted research pertaining to compliance with the financial regulations and successfully implemented it.
    • SuperFi Finance was very pleased with how the website and mobile app turned out, and we received several good reviews for our efforts.
    • SuperFi Finance had reasons for opting to outsource its software development requirements, which has been fantastic for its business. A high number of companies outsource their requirements, and each has a different reason for doing so.
    • By hiring quality remote developers from Acquaint Softtech and outsourcing their projects, they were able to reduce their costs dramatically.
    • It eliminated the labour cost of hiring in-house staff and investing in office space, equipment, software licenses, and other infrastructure.

    How Did SuperFi Benefit By Hiring a Remote Team?

    There are many reasons why businesses opt for a remote development team since every company has unique requirements. The main reasons include:

    • Need for expertise on a specific technology.
    • Lack of skills to develop it in-house.
    • Scale business
    • Lower costs
    • Consider long-term maintenance and updates.
    • Insufficient resources to handle the project

    SuperFi Finance prefers to outsource its software development requirements and has already developed several projects using this method. They find it more beneficial to trust a professional software development company like Acquaint Softtech than to set up a team in-house.

    They benefited in many ways by opting to outsource, with the main benefit being the reduction of cost:

    • Cost-effective: By outsourcing to Acquaint Softtech, they eliminated the need to invest in additional infrastructure, recruit talented professionals, and set up the necessary resources. They also saved on recruitment costs, paying salaries, insurance, and more.
    • Less effort to find good talent: By opting for a highly experienced and reputed software development firm, Acquaint Softtech, they were able to save considerably since it reduced their effort to find quality remote developers.
    • Greater flexibility: It gave them more flexibility in running their business operations and reduced the overhead costs of hiring additional employees and additional infrastructure.
    • Scale their operations: They gained the opportunity to scale their operations quickly. This was essential to their business model, mainly since they chose to develop an MVP.
    • Increased Productivity: With this increased flexibility, they were able to increase their productivity and make better business decisions.
    • Broader Talent Pool: They benefited from that extensive talent pool at Acquaint Softtech, thus eliminating the need for them to consult experts or hire any professionals.
    • Work-Life Balance: They were able to attain a better work-life balance by outsourcing the development process. This, in turn, also helped them in their business activities.
    • Diverse Perspectives: Cultural diversity played the role of fostering innovation and creativity through various perspectives, thus resulting in the development of a state-of-the-art project.

    The main reason SuperFi Finance chose to outsource their project development to Acquaint Softtech was our good track record and the fact that we are reliable & and provide affordable remote developers. This was an excellent business decision since it helped SuperFi Finance save over $60K on annual hiring costs.

    Make Smart Business Decisions

    The best method to optimize your business operations is to outsource your development requirements. Hiring remote developers is an intelligent decision and can help save a great deal of time, money, and resources. SuperFi made a good business decision by choosing Acquaint Softtech to build an innovative solution. They not only saved a lot in the process, but their decision also ensured they had a next-generation website and mobile app that served their business goal.

    Acquaint Softtech is the ideal firm to hire developers. We are a well-established software development firm with over 70 IT professionals. Please take advantage of our 10+ years of experience in providing expert assistance to businesses across the globe. With expertise in over 20+ technologies, you are bound to find the developer you are looking for here. The added advantage is that we are official Laravel Partners and hence have access to the latest Laravel resources as well. Get in touch with us if you need to outsource your software development project.

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