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Servo Upside down Special Machine basic maintenance requirement

  • With the Servo Upside down Special Machine being more and more applied in the manufacturing industry, the user units of various CNC equipment have an increasingly urgent demand for CNC operators. However, at present, in addition to paying attention to the operation skills of CNC operators and giving regular training, the work of operators to maintain equipment is far from enough.

    In the long run, it is bound to cause the "only not guaranteed" of CNC equipment, and the direct consequence is the continuous rise of the failure rate of CNC equipment and the continuous decline of the utilization rate, and the equipment use unit will fall into the vicious circle of intermittent production and tired maintenance.

    Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of CNC equipment is to maintain the equipment in a good technical state, extend the service life, reduce downtime losses and maintenance costs, reduce production costs, ensure production quality, improve production efficiency must be the daily work. For high-precision and high-efficiency CNC lathes, maintenance is more important.

    Servo Upside down Special Machine Basic requirements for maintenance:

    1, integrity: the parts of the lathe equipment are complete, tools, accessories, workpieces are placed neatly, circuits, pipelines are complete.

    2, cleanliness: lathe inside and outside clean, no yellow robe, no black dirt, no rust; Each sliding surface, lead screw, rack, gear and other places without oil dirt, no damage; No oil leakage, no water leakage, no air leakage, no electricity leakage, cutting garbage clean.

    3, flexibility: In order to ensure the flexibility of components, must be in accordance with the lathe lubrication standards, regular quantitative refueling, oil change. Oil quality to meet the requirements, oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, oil nozzle complete; The linoleum and oil line are clean, the oil label is bright, and the oil circuit is smooth.

    4, safety: strict implementation of fixed personnel and transfer system. Operators must be familiar with the Servo Upside down Special Machine structure, abide by the operation and maintenance rules, reasonable use, careful maintenance, detection of anomalies without accidents. All kinds of safety protection devices are complete and reliable, the control system is normal, well grounded, and there is no accident potential.

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