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track sos Why can only query once a day?

  • Recently, some friends asked why track sos can only query once a day.

    In fact, the user can query the data collected by the monitoring device several times a day, so what the editor understands here is: this friend uses track sos, but the device only uploals the positioning data once a day, and he can only see the positioning data update once. Therefore, what this friend should ask is why his track sos can only upload positioning data once a day?

    Due to the "wireless" reason, the power of the device is limited and there is no continuous power supply. Therefore, in order to make the device more durable, the device is generally set to upload positioning data once a day. As a result, the location data we see on the location services platform is often the only location data returned by the device that day. This has led many users to say they can only query vehicle data once a day.

    Of course, the device is not only set up to be a once a day location data return. If the user needs it, you can also set several positioning data return time points, and even make the device real-time positioning, but in this case, the power consumption of the locator is very fast, and it must be charged every time. Therefore, once a day of location data backtracking is sufficient if it is not absolutely necessary.

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